The Story of Jessi Combs in ‘The Fastest Woman On Earth’ Doc Trailer

The Story of Jessi Combs in ‘The Fastest Woman On Earth’ Doc Trailer

October 10, 2022
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The Fastest Woman On Earth Trailer

“It’s not as glamorous as it seems.” HBO has revealed an official trailer for a documentary film titled The Fastest Woman on Earth, which will be premiering on HBO Max in just a few weeks. This doc captures the high-octane quest of professional racer and TV personality Jessi Combs to break land speed records in a field primarily dominated by men. From filmmakers Chris Otwell & Graham Suorsa: “Nine years in the making, The Fastest Woman on Earth is a deeply personal film for us because we are committed to telling an honest and unvarnished version of Jessi’s audacious and inspiring journey. She became a dear friend, and we are incredibly honored to share this documentary in hopes that it inspires courage both in everyday acts and envisioning a legacy for oneself.” Her story has a tragic ending, but we will leave that to discover watching the film if you don’t know already. It looks like a thrilling story of always going faster and faster.

Official trailer for Suorsa & Otwell’s doc The Fastest Woman On Earth, from HBO Max’s YouTube:

The Fastest Woman On Earth Poster

Filmed over more than seven years beginning in 2013, HBO’s documentary The Fastest Woman On Earth chronicles the extraordinary life of professional racer & TV personality Jessi Combs. Approached by a predominately male team of aviation enthusiasts to be the driver of a custom car built from a repurposed fighter jet, Jessi’s dream of breaking land speed records is suddenly within reach – but at what cost? As her body & relationships suffer, Jessi continues to strive for the “fastest woman” title, confronting each obstacle with unparalleled courage & audacity. Seamlessly blending inspiration and heartbreak with joy and tragedy, this feature documentary throws viewers directly into the cockpit for Jessi’s exceptional endeavor – and the price that she ultimately paid for success. The Fastest Woman On Earth is co-directed by doc filmmakers Chris Otwell (editor / cinematographer) & Graham Suorsa (camera op), both making their feature directorial debut. Produced by Lightbox’s co-founders Simon Chinn and Jonathan Chinn. HBO will debut the doc film streaming on HBO Max starting October 20th, 2022 this fall. Anyone interested?

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