Official Trailer for ‘On The Line’ Radio Thriller Starring Mel Gibson

Official Trailer for ‘On The Line’ Radio Thriller Starring Mel Gibson

October 14, 2022
Source: YouTube

On The Line Trailer

“This can still end well.” “But I don’t want it to end well!” Saban Films has revealed a trailer for the thriller On The Line, the first English language feature made by a French filmmaker named Romuald Boulanger. It’s opening in November if anyone is interested. A host takes a call, where an unknown person threatens to kill the showman’s entire family on air. To save loved ones, the radio host will have to play a survival game and the only way to win is to find out the identity of the criminal. All while love on air. Mel Gibson stars as the host, with William Moseley, Alia Seror-O’Neill, Paul Spera, Nadia Farés, Enrique Arce, and Kevin Dillon. This sounds surprisingly similar to Hot Seat, another strange under-the-radar thriller this year about a bomb under the seat of someone who gets a call. This looks a bit campy and obvious with its plot, but at least someone is giving Gibson a hard time and calling out all of his BS. Even if it’s just in a film.

Here’s the official trailer (+ poster) for Romuald Boulanger’s On The Line, direct from YouTube:

On The Line Poster

Mel Gibson stars as a provocative and edgy overnight radio host who must play a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a mysterious caller who has kidnapped his family and is threatening to kill them and blow up the whole station… all while live on air. On The Line is both written and directed by French writer / filmmaker Romuald Boulanger, making his English language debut after directing the film Connectés previously, and writing for lots of TV series and a few French films. It’s produced by Robert Ogden Barnum, Romuald Boulanger, and Marc Frydman. Saban Films will release Boulanger’s On The Line film in select US theaters + on VOD starting on November 4th, 2022 coming up this fall. Anyone interested in watching?

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