Interview: Brett Morgen Talks Bowie in Berlin + ‘Moonage Daydream’

Interview: Brett Morgen Talks Bowie in Berlin + ‘Moonage Daydream’

September 16, 2022

Brett Morgen - Bowie Interview

It’s time to take a voyage into the mind of the one-and-only David Bowie. Now playing in IMAX theaters worldwide is this incredible, mind-blowing documentary Moonage Daydream, the newest doc made by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Brett Morgen. The film first premiered at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival this summer (where I first saw it and raved about it in my review), and it recently stopped by the Toronto Film Festival. After seeing it in Cannes, I immediately sent some emails about setting up a special screening of the film in Berlin. Anyone who knows Bowie knows he has a very intimate and important connection with Berlin – he lived in the city from 1976 to 1979 and produced a number of unique albums with Brian Eno there. For the special event, I conducted a video interview with director Brett Morgen on Zoom discussing the making of the film and Bowie’s connection to the city and how it had an impact on his life. After initially playing on the IMAX screen that night, it’s now available to watch online. I wanted to share it with everyone.

Here’s our full Zoom video interview with director Brett Morgen discussing Moonage Daydream (in Berlin):

David Bowie - Moonage Daydream Poster

This video interview was created in Zoom after recording – the editing choices are automatic! No control over who it shows once Zoom has created the video on its own. After much planning, we were able to host an IMAX screening in Berlin on Friday, September 9th – and it was a fantastic experience! The volume was way UP, the audience had a blast. This interview was initially created exclusively for that event, but I’m also happy to feature it on FirstShowing anyway. Director Brett Morgan (who you can also follow on Twitter @brettmorgen) is an award-winning, acclaimed documentary filmmaker – director of the films Ollie’s Army, On the Ropes, The Kid Stays in the Picture, Chicago 10, Crossfire Hurricane, Cobain: Montage of Heck, and Jane (another favorite) previously. He has spent years making this Bowie documentary, with plans to create something else before making this. The Bowie Estate gave him exclusive access to the entire archive of materials throughout Bowie’s life – footage and photos and interviews and so much more. After this IMAX opening week, the doc will be playing in theaters worldwide. For more info head to the film’s official site.

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