Andrea Riseborough & Harry Melling in ‘Please Baby Please’ Trailer

Andrea Riseborough & Harry Melling in ‘Please Baby Please’ Trailer

September 16, 2022
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Please Baby Please Trailer

“What if… you just wanna get a little choked?” Music Box Films has revealed an official trailer for an indie art house film titled Please Baby Please, which will be out in limited US theaters later in October. This initially premiered at the 2022 Rotterdam Film Festival earlier this year, which is the right place for such a strange, quirky, kinky film to show up. Newlyweds Suse and Arthur become the dangerous obsession of a greaser gang that awakens a sleeping quandary into the couple’s sexual identity. It’s described as a “1950s campy romp” that acts as “a feverish queer manifesto on gender,” and, from another review, it blends “camp melodrama with snappy dialogue, romantic songs, and S&M dance routines.” Andrea Riseborough and Harry Melling star as the main couple exploring their sexuality, with a cast including Karl Glusman, Demi Moore, Cole Escola, and Ryan Simpkins. This totally looks like something that would be made in the 70s – heavy on style, overloaded with kink, but is there any actual substance to it? Tune in and find out.

Here’s the official trailer for Amanda Kramer’s Please Baby Please, direct from Music Box’s YouTube:

Please Baby Please Film

Suze (Andrea Riseborough) and Arthur (Harry Melling) live an outwardly traditional lifestyle as the Lower East Side’s most bohemian Eisenhower-era couple. The pair’s cage is rattled when they encounter a gang of sadistic, leather-clad greasers known as The Young Gents. Suze and Arthur’s initial thrust of fear evolves into confusion of thrill and lust. This sudden exposure to flamboyant masculinity unlocks the realization that Suze is an aspiring leather daddy who mistook herself for a housewife. Meanwhile, the perpetually sensitive Arthur’s obsessive gender trouble goes sideways when Young Gent Teddy (Karl Glusman) sparks a queer desire. Please Baby Please presents a full spectrum of underground fetishism and seductive musical asides featuring alluring cameos by Demi Moore and Cole Escola. Visionary filmmaker Amanda Kramer pegs the hetero hellscape of the 1950s in a witty, syncopated riff that plays like a high camp emission from your wildest dreams—bathed in silk, sweat, and bisexual lighting. Please Baby Please is directed by indie filmmaker Amanda Kramer, of the films Paris Window, Ladyworld, and Give Me Pity! previously. The screenplay is by Amanda Kramer and Noel David Taylor. Music Box Films will debut Kramer’s Please Baby Please in select US theaters starting October 28th, 2022 this fall. Who’s into this?

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