Which Season 3 Couples Are Still Together?

[Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 3 finale and reunion.]

Love Is Blind Season 3 has come to an end. The reality dating show premiered its first four episodes on Wednesday, October 19, bringing Netflix‘s dating experiment back to eager audiences. And this season, only five couples made it out of the pods engaged. And less ended the season married.

In the beginning, Alexa Alfia and Brennon Lemieux only had ears for each other. Bartise Bowden shared a strong connection with Raven Ross at first, but her aloof demeanor while he was opening up to her, hampered their bond, prompting him to go with his gut and actively pursue Nancy Rodriguez as his No. 1. Nancy was torn between Bartise and Andrew Liu, and for a while seemed to be leaning toward the latter. But as she described, her life with Andrew could be “great” — but “amazing” with Bartise.

Cole Barnett and Colleen Reed shared a connection at first, but Colleen refused to open up, saying she wasn’t attracted to deep conversations (kind of the backbone of a marriage…). Cole wanted the depth, choosing to pursue Zanab Jaffrey instead. Zanab was a bit worried about Cole’s age, but they bonded over shared faith, and their connection grew. As for Raven, she loved the emotional support and patience SK Alagbada gave her. And Matt Bolton gave Colleen similar patience, assuring her that deep conversations can come with time.

'Love Is Blind' Season 3 reunion

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By the end of the pods portion, the engaged couples were Alexa and Brennon, Matt and Colleen, Zanab and Cole, Nancy and Bartise, and SK and Raven. As of Season 3 Episode 4, all five couples were still engaged. But tension rose as the real world popped its pod bubbles in Episodes 5 through 7.

The toxic fights between some couples didn’t break them up before the weddings, but the first wedding in Episode 10 did have an unhappy end when SK told Raven, “I don’t” at the altar.

Two more couples ended their weddings in heartbreak, and the other two ended up hitched in the Love Is Blind Season 3 finale, streaming now. But who’s still together in the Love Is Blind Season 3 reunion? Scroll through the Love Is Blind Season 3 couples gallery to see who’s still together.

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