Which ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 Couple Is Your Favorite? (POLL)

[Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 4 Episodes 1-5.]

Like each season before, Love Is Blind Season 4 had five couples leave the pods engaged. But one couple split before they even left Mexico. For those who have only seen the engagement episodes, you can likely guess which pair didn’t make it. For those who have seen all five episodes of the first drop (streaming on Netflix as of Friday, March 24), you likely saw that end coming.

Irina and Zack had no interest in each other the second they met in person. The awkwardness of their first meeting could be felt through the screen. And while Zack tried to make it work on their “honeymoon,” Irina couldn’t shake her ick — or her feelings for former fling Paul, who’s engaged to her new best friend, Micah.

Irina and Micah are a pair to watch in their own right this season.

Micah and Irina in 'Love Is Blind' Season 4

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The women clicked during the pods portion through what viewers called their “mean girl” personalities. The two spent a lot of time judging other people and being rude to other cast mates for fun. And when people like Kwame called them out for that “fun,” they acted as if any critical response was an overreaction.

The other cast members seemed to bond over a shared dislike of Irina and Micah, and fans on social media equally disliked their energy.

These two were quickly labeled the “villains” of the season by fans on Twitter.

Outside of that duo, Zack and Irina had a “horrible” time on their honeymoon. He was thinking about Bliss the whole time, and Irina was thinking about Paul.

Zack tried to backtrack his rejection of Bliss by meeting with her after returning to Seattle, where the season is set. Her reaction to Zack coming clean will be seen in the next half of the episodes, dropping on Netflix on Friday, March 31. But she’s not the only pod cast member coming back.

As the trailer for Part 2 reveals, Josh — who tried to end Jackie and Marshall’s relationship in the pods — will be back and will try to split them up again. This time around, it seems it could work.

As of Episode 5, Tiffany and Brett, Micah and Paul, Jackie and Marshall, and Chelsea and Kwame are still together. A quick fan favorite was Tiffany and Brett, the first to get engaged and the couple who seemed the most easily in love.

Each couple will undoubtedly face hurdles when living together in the next half of Season 4, but outside of the above drama, most of these couples seem to be genuinely in love.

With four couples remaining and that one breakup setting the stage for some shakeups and comebacks, the second half of the season is ripe for more discord. We want to know who of the four couples is your favorite as of Episode 5.

Pick your team in the Love Is Blind Season 4 poll below.

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