Where Are They Now? (RECAP)

Where Are They Now San Diego

Season 15 • Episode 20

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Married at First Sight, Season 15, Episode 20, “Where Are They Now San Diego.”]

Married at First Sight‘s landmark 15th season is coming to a close, but not without updating fans on the most recent developments in the lives of its couples.

Whether they’re together or apart, the rollercoaster continues for the pairs featured in this chapter. Below, we’re breaking down all of the key reveals in the aptly designated “Where Are They Now San Diego” episode. Beware of spoilers ahead.

Single Ladies

Alexis and Krysten are embracing their singledom by getting in touch with themselves, furthering their careers, and jumping back into the dating pool. One of the pivotal moments from the episode included a double date with the women and two new men who they’d met online. While Alexis feels a spark with her date, Krysten isn’t so sure about hers, but that’s the reality of dating. As Alexis keeps her heart open, Krysten is gearing up for a move out east to New York with a new work promotion. In order to celebrate, she plans to have a party and invite everyone from the season to attend and end the run on good terms.

Justin and Mitch in' Married at First Sight' Season 15

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Trouble in Paradise

When the episode picks up, it’s revealed that Stacia and Nate have been separated, due in part to poor communication skills with one another. As they discuss the matter with different people in their lives, they come together to try and sort things out, and there’s tension as Nate comes over to her house for a painting session. She argues that he’s not committed, but he defends that his presence at the house is a sign of his commitment. The bickering begins to fade eventually as they work on improving their approach to conversations. By the end of the episode, the pair appear to be fully reconciled, but it sounds like it will be a slow process.

House Hunters

Lindy and Miguel are secure in their relationship as they pose for new wedding photos by the ocean. The one challenge their focused on tackling is new housing as she wants to start building a home for their family. Miguel is reluctant at first but agrees to look at houses with her. By the end of their tour, he agrees that it’s something they can work towards with the hopes of planning for a baby.

Make Up on the Mat

In a step forward, Morgan and Binh meet at the gym and do some fighting on the mats. The cathartic exercise seems to do both of them some good as they end the meetup agreeing to be friends. While Binh reveals he’s been going through therapy, Morgan reveals plans to travel and excitement over the prospect.

Mitch Improved

Meanwhile, Mitch has been focusing on himself, getting adjusted to this latest stage of his life and he isn’t trying to find a girlfriend actively. When he attends Krysten’s going away party, he gives her gift with a thoughtfully-written card that makes her question if she made the right choice on Decision Day. While Alexis quickly walks Krysten back from the metaphorical cliff, Krysten can appreciate the changes Mitch has made with hopes of continuing a friendly platonic relationship.

Justin’s Loose Cannon

Most of the episode revolves around Justin’s volatile nature, referring back to the reunion where he made some bold accusations and burned some bridges. Earlier in this episode, he meets with Alexis and confronts her about something she said during one of the After Party episodes, and the implication it had. Alexis argues that the comments she made were never intended to impact him the way it did, but he walks off before they can sort it out. Despite burning several bridges with the others, Justin is invited to Krysten’s party and does show up.

The tension is thick in the air, but after some side conversations with Mitch and Alexis, he works up the courage to apologize directly to Nate after accusing the man of making a pass at him. Once they seem to settle things, Justin addresses the whole group, offering apologies to everyone except Alexis. While not all problems were solved, the season ends relatively smoothly. Only time will tell if that will continue in their lives after the cameras completely stop rolling.

Thankfully, the drama is far from over for Married at First Sight which is quickly gearing up for its next season. Stay tuned for details on the upcoming chapter in the weeks ahead and let us know what you thought of the “Where Are They Now San Diego,” episode in the comments, below.

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