What to Watch: Chucky, Grey’s Anatomy, The Mole

Tonight, Lifetime airs The Gabby Petito Story, which will be harrowing to watch, but we’re sure that Skyler Samuels will pay tribute to Gabby beautifully.

Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 return with Alaska Daily in tow, promising to be an exciting triple show block on Thursdays,

You can also count on Chucky Season 2 and a whole lot more. Check out what we recommend you watch this week.

Saturday, October 1

8/7c The Gabby Petito Story (Lifetime)

Life moves fast, but Lifetime moves faster.

The case made international news and sparked all types of discourse, and now Lifetime is taking a run at the shocking tragedy that rocked the nation.

Tune in for this ripped-from-the-headlines true-crime film.

Sunday, October 2

8/7c Family Law (The CW)

Victor Garber and Jewel Staite return to television in this Canadian family dramedy about a dysfunctional family practicing family law.

After Abigail has a viral drunken innocent, she is forced to practice law with her estranged dad, Harry, and half-siblings Daniel and Lucy, who she’s never met.

Stay tuned for our weekly reviews and press junket interviews.

9/8c Power Book III: Raising Kanan (Starz)

Burke continues her investigation in Howard and makes some headway, while Marvin finds himself in trouble when an agreement with an associate goes bad.

Raq and Howard come face-to-face again, which can only mean fireworks.

With only four episodes left, expect a lot more action and some surprising reveals as we head into the home stretch.

10/9c Interview With The Vampire (AMC)

The wait is finally over!

The highly anticipated series hits screens this Sunday, and the premiere is a fabulous start to the series.

The first hour chronicles the meeting between Louis and Lestat. A meeting that will change their lives forever. You DO NOT want to miss this one!

10/9c The Rookie (ABC)

Nolan hits the ground running with his training officer gig as he starts mentoring Thorsen.

Lucy is commended for her undercover work and is offered specialized training in Sacramento.

And hopefully, we get some answers after that shocking cliffhanger.

9/8c House of the Dragon (HBO)

We pick up in Driftmark with Laena’s funeral, and there’s so much tension you can cut it with a knife. As the relationship between Rhaenyra and Alicent continues to deteriorate, we are treated to some intense scenes between them.

Elsewhere, Corlys and Rhaenys react to the death of their daughter in very different ways. This episode presents a huge turning point for many of the key plots, sending the show in a very different direction.

Watch this one live because spoilers will be everywhere.

8/7c Chesapeake Shores (Hallmark)

Bree and Luke’s rollercoaster relationship continues, and frankly, it’s getting annoying. In that respect, thank goodness we only have three episodes left.

But as Evan finally meets his father, it’s clear there is a lot to this series that we would have loved to explore further.

David will finally reach out to his extended family for help with his father. It’s about time he’s interacting with them again. How long has it been?

9/8c The Walking Dead (AMC)

After a striking cliffhanger that sets the wheels in motion for the endgame, we pick up with the characters pushed into some horrifying scenarios.

Pamela is out for answers after the paper exposes the inner workings of the community, while Lance is dead set on revenge after his tussle with Maggie and Daryl.

What could possibly go wrong?

Monday, October 3

8/7c 9-1-1 (FOX)

9-1-1 has come back strong in its sixth season, and this hour picks up with Athena and Bobby trying to reconcile with the devastating news they received.

Athena will be thrust into an investigation from her past, and it will dredge up a lot of old memories.

It’s another emotional hour of the hit drama, buoyed by a powerful performance from series star Angela Bassett.

9/8c The Cleaning Lady (FOX)

Thony must team up with Arman and Nadia in the risky drug business to save Luca’s life and pay Arman’s debt to Robert.

When the motel owner comes sniffing around, how far will Fiona go to protect Chris?

It’s another emotional hour as these mothers race to protect their sons.

10/8c Quantum Leap (NBC)

The team develops a theory about Ben’s leaps and why they haven’t been able to bring him home.

Meanwhile, Ben’s in the body of a boxer whose troubles don’t end in the ring.

Will Janis come on board and explain the method in the madness? What is the mysterious destination point? Will Ben’s memory get knocked back into him in the title bout? Leap in with us to find out!

Tuesday, October 4

8/7c FBI (CBS)

The team investigates a deadly robbery that garnered a cache of automatic weapons for the killers.

They discover one of the culprits is a classmate of Jubal’s son.

Tyler is reluctant to cooperate with the case.

8/7c The Resident (FOX)

It’s all hands on deck after a terrifying event leads to a gunshot victim whose entire body shuts down because of a single bullet.

Ian takes a drug test to put things to bed.

Padma prepares for her C-section.

9/8c Monarch (FOX)

Monarch keeps getting juicier and more shocking with each passing episode.

Nicky must change her song and makes a controversial choice at the family rodeo.

Albie gets signed to a new manager, which upsets Luke.

Check back in with us for an exclusive interview with a cast member!

9/8c La Brea (NBC)

As Gavin and Izzy find the clearing, they learn Eve is missing. Can Gavin trust Silas to help him find his missing wife?

What do the Exiles want with Eve and Levi, and what will Gavin find in the cave? Let the love triangle begin?

In 1988, Josh and Riley fear a mysterious man is following them.

10/9c New Amsterdam (NBC)

An explosion at a wedding leads to the ER getting flooded with patients. Iggy must help a young girl in a catatonic state who knows the truth about the explosion.

Wilder and Max must help the groom, who has a rare blood type.

It’s going to be a shocking hour.

Wednesday, October 5

The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)

Luke is all in with June trying to … well, I’m not entirely sure of their overall plan, but it’s attached to stopping Serena’s new mission outside of Gilead.

That mission will take Luke and June into the woods, talking of crossing into dangerous territory.

But you have to wonder if Serena’s new role is as pleasant as she’d like. How could it be?

10/9c Chicago PD (NBC)

Rumor has it that it’s the final episode with Jay Halstead, and we’ll find out how the actor and his character will exit the series.

When the team investigates brutal pharmacy robberies, Halstead connects with a victim over their army past.

Feeling the distance, Hailey confides in Voight.

9/8c The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (Bravo)

After the failed attempt to find common ground with Meredith, Lisa is skeptical of trying to fix things again.

When the ladies set off on the first cast trip of the season, there’s a lot of drama in store, proving that these ladies know how to deliver the drama.

Meanwhile, Jen has a chat with her husband about her looming trial.

Check out the trailer below.

10/9c Big Sky: Deadly Trails (ABC)

Big Sky loves a cliffhanger!

And here we’ll see what happened to Emily after she ran away from a bloodied Luke in the middle of nowhere.

Elsewhere, a new case hits home for Jenny while Cassie and Denise encounter a mysterious man on the road.

9/8c Chucky (Syfy)

After a lengthy hiatus, Chucky is back and more cunning than ever.

We pick up with the surviving students enrolling at a new school, and they’re quickly thrown into the deep end thanks to some mysterious occurrences.

Who will live? Who will die?

10/9c Reginald The Vampire (SYFY)

Jacob Batalon (Ned Leeds in the Marvel Franchise, starting in Spider-man: Homecoming) takes on the role of Reginald, whose life changes when he gets killed, and the only way to save him is to turn him into a vampire.

Reginald learns that he has more abilities than he knows and becomes a better man as a vampire.

Some very powerful people want Reginald dead, will he be able to survive on this new undead path?

Thursday, October 6

Star Trek: Lower Decks (Paramount+)

Who remembers Peanut Hamper, the exocomp ensign, and wonders whatever happened to them after the events of the Season 1 finale? Yeah, me neither.

Well, all the questions you never thought to ask are about to be answered, and it’s NOTHING you could predict.

Seriously. You can’t prepare for this, so just enjoy the ride. And maybe don’t plan on having a meal while watching.

8:30/7:30c Ghosts (CBS) Who killed Alberta? That’s the big question heading into the next episode.

A podcast team descends upon Woodstone Manor, exploring the many layers of this newfound mystery.

Will Sam and the ghosts discover the truth about Alberta’s killer? Or will new threads be added to the mystery?

Plus, Hetty has developed a new attachment to a broken washing machine. That is a new mystery unto itself.

10/9c CSI: Vegas (CBS)

Halloween descends on Sin City.

The CSIs investigate when a creepy mannequin prop inside a popular haunted house turns out to be a real dead body.

Also, Catherine enlists the help of Folsom to search for her friend, who disappeared.

8/7c Station 19 (ABC)

The crew is back, but is everyone there?

We still don’t know where Jack has taken off too, and things have drastically changed at the station.

Travis is on high alert because of his political career.

9/8c Grey’s Anatomy(ABC)

It’s a new dawn and a new day at Grey Sloan Memorial!

Grey’s Anatomy starts anew with fresh face interns who revitalize the series.

We cannot wait for the new season!

10/9c Alaska Daily (ABC)

Alaska Daily comes from the mind of Tom McCarthy (Spotlight).

Its stars Hilary Swank as Eileen Fitzgerald, a fiercely talented and award-winning investigative journalist who leaves her high-profile New York life behind after a fall from grace to join a daily metro newspaper in Anchorage on a journey to find both personal and professional redemption.

Despite literally no promotion for this one, it looks pretty good!

Friday, October 7

The Mole (Netflix)

The legendary reality TV show is back from the grave to answer the big burning question: Who is the Mole?

A new group of contestants is banding together to win money for the group pot. However, one of them is “The Mole,” a saboteur working for the producers to sabotage the challenges and steal the money. Every challenge, clue, and conversation can lead the players to figure out the identity of the Mole.

Will the group be successful in earning money for the pot? Will the Mole evade suspicion?

The three-week event starts with the release of the first batch of episodes. We can’t wait to see how this turns out!

Luckiest Girl Alive (Netflix)

Based on the best-selling novel, Ani FaNelli (Mila Kunis), a sharp-tongued New Yorker appears to have it all: a sought-after position at a glossy magazine, a killer wardrobe, and a dream Nantucket wedding on the horizon.

But when the director of a crime documentary invites her to tell her side of the shocking incident that took place when she was a teenager at the prestigious Brentley School, Ani is forced to confront a dark truth that threatens to unravel her meticulously crafted life.

What do you think Ani did that followed her all these years?

The Midnight Club (Netflix)

Christopher Pike’s 90s YA horror novel comes to life (and death) in a new series from Mike Flanagan (Midnight Mass, The Haunting Of Hill House).

A group of terminally-ill teens convenes after-hours at their hospice to tell each other scary stories. Their newest member is haunted by terrifying visions upon her arrival and is determined to get to the bottom of it before it’s too late for all of them.

What secrets will the Midnight Club uncover about the dark history of Brightcliffe and the future that awaits them beyond the grave?

The Midnight Club is a great way to jumpstart your spooky season! Check it out!

8/7c S.W.A.T. (CBS)

20-Squad is back for the season premiere of S.W.A.T.!

As the team is in Bangkok to train alongside Thailand’s elite S.W.A.T. team, Hondo and his former military buddy end up discovering a wide-ranging heroin operation with ties to none other than the City of Angels.

On the run from a powerful drug kingpin, will they be able to take him down?

The series is also back on Friday nights, following a short run on Sundays during the latter half of S.W.A.T. Season 5. Make sure to tune in to see the team’s mission across the world on its new night and time!

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