[VIDEO] ‘911’ Spoilers: Buck Sperm Donor Scene — Season 6 Episode 4

Buck has a big decision to make on Monday’s 9-1-1 (Fox, 8/7c).

The episode reunites Buck with an old college friend who reveals that he and his wife have been having fertility issues. And as you’ll see in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek, Buck might just be the solution to the couple’s problems.

“If you say yes, you’ll be changing their lives,” Hen says after Buck tells her that the couple asked him to be their sperm donor. “If I can help ease this burden for them, why would I not do that?” he replies.

Of course, the situation is hardly that simple. “This isn’t an anonymous donation,” Hen reminds Buck. “You won’t have to wonder if there’s a kid out there with your DNA. You’re going to know there is.”

9-1-1 executive producer Kristen Reidel recently teased to TVLine that Buck’s Season 6 journey would find him “figuring out who he wants to be for himself — what he needs, what his purpose is in life, what’s required to make him happy.” Perhaps helping his old friend make a baby is exactly what he’s been looking for.

Hit PLAY on the video above to watch Buck wrestle with this crucial decision, then drop a comment with your thoughts below. Should he go through with it? Is he ready for all of this?


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