‘The White Lotus’: Does Escort Lucia Not Have Venmo? — TV Questions

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including The White Lotus, Willow, Titans and Criminal Minds: Evolution!

1 | Does The White Lotus‘ in-house escort Lucia seriously not have a Venmo account? And did Daphne accidentally showing Harper a picture of her blonde, blue-eyed kid after gushing about her blonde, blue-eyed trainer get you thinking said kid might not actually be Cameron’s?

2 | East New YorkWhy did East New York go to the trouble of making these prop tickets sync up up with Regina’s “tomorrow’s game” dialogue, but get the opposing team wrong? (Brooklyn played Orlando this Monday.) And if Brandy is worried about her and Andre’s secret not keeping, maybe she shouldn’t sneak a kiss in the eyeline of the front desk?

3 | Did NCIS: Los Angeles cast Rountree’s ex-girlfriend a bit young-looking, especially for someone with any meaningful experience with the FBI?

4 | Didn’t All American: Homecoming’s fall finale cliffhanger feel awfully anticlimactic? Surely Simone’s future on the tennis team isn’t in any legitimate danger, right?

5 | Why is The CW dragging its feet on announcing premiere dates for Superman & Lois, The Flash and other midseason shows? None are possibly being held for summer, are they?

6 | On The Voice, might Team John’s group performance of “The Weight” have been the first time a coach and their team members have sounded truly excellent together?

7 | At any point in the production process for Peacock’s new series Irreverent, do you think anyone pointed out the uncanny similarities to TV Land’s gone-too-soon Impastor?

8 | We’ve been watching Leverage since Day 1 on TNT, and “get” that it’s his thing, but… is Eliot’s trademark mane getting a bit too lush? On a strictly practical level, it is a very distinct look (compromising undercover disguises), and it could be easily grabbed in close-quarters combat.

9 | On The Challenge: Ride or Dies, did Jay and Michele get what they deserve? Also, what’s your opinion on the spectating players shouting out help to the players in The Zone? Should the players in the sand be left to their own devices?

10 | Did Disney+’s Willow series reveal Elora Danan too early?

11 | How was DC’s Stargirl‘s Dolores able to watch a replay of her speech at that night’s awards ceremony, all those “decades ago”? And as TVLine reader Gene notes, “Why didn’t the cosmic staff immediately recognize the unusual energy output by the Ultra-Humanite?”

12 | Survivor fans: Were you at least partially hoping that Wednesday’s episode turned into a Karla vs. Cass showdown? And should the Shot in the Dark be the next element the show cuts ahead of Season 44?

13 | Now that The Amazing Race‘s Final 3 teams are set in stone, what are the chances that Derek and Claire become the second Big Brother duo to win the Race? Are you rooting for them?

Titans White Raven 4x0614 | On Titans, what kind of wi-fi connection does Mother Mayhem’s minion possibly have inside the Temple of Azarah? How stunning is Rachel’s White Raven costume? And speaking of supersuits, did they really design one for Jinx to only be worn for a fraction of a scene?

15 | Wasn’t Criminal Minds: Evolution‘s Elias observing the park situation from a bit too close a distance, considering a bomb might have gone off?

Call Me Kat Leslie Jordan16 | Assuming that Call Me Kat will establish that Phil and boyfriend Jalen have embarked on a round-the-world cruise or some other such extended vacation, is that a pretty sweet sendoff for the late Leslie Jordan’s character?

17 | With Netflix optioning 28 of Christopher Pike’s books for eventual use in the now-cancelled Midnight Club, which of the author’s stories would you like to see hit the streamer next (albeit, under a new creative team, of course)?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share! 

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