Savannah Chrisley Opens Up About Life Without Imprisoned Dad Todd

Reality star Savannah Chrisley is still getting used to life without her parents around, as Todd and Julie Chrisley are serving time in prison for tax evasion and bank fraud.

On Thursday, March 23, Savannah shared a quote on her Instagram Story from the After Breakup account, which said, “But who will I call when something good happens? Happiness isn’t the same without you here.” She tagged her father alongside the quote.

Savannah Chrisley IG Story

Savannah Chrisley Instagram

The Chrisley Knows Best stars were convicted last June and sentenced to a combined 19 years in prison. Todd is serving 12 years at FPC Pensacola in Florida, while Julie is serving seven years in Lexington, Kentucky, at Federal Medical Center Lexington.

While her parents are locked up, Savannah has become the primary guardian of her brother Grayson Chrisley and niece Chloe Chrisley. She has opened up previously about her struggles with these new responsibilities.

“The other night, I had a full-on breakdown,” she said on her Unlocked With Savannah Chrisley podcast last month (per People). “I was trying to find Chloe proper clothes to go and visit my parents and find her hair stuff. I just sat down on the floor and started crying.”

She went on to say, “I am not my mother. How am I going to do this? I don’t feel that I am worthy or capable enough of doing the job she’s done for all her life.”

However, after talking to her father, she said she is now in “a place of such peace,” revealing that he told her, “This is going to be the hardest but most rewarding thing you’ve ever done.” She added, “I’m starting to see that.”

On this week’s podcast, Savannah talked about how her parents’ incarceration has made her dating life extremely difficult.

“I’m helping to raise my 10-year-old sister and 16-year old-brother, and I’m trying to date,” she said, referring to Chloe as her sibling. “And I’m like, ‘What do you do with them?’ The 16-year-old, he drives and all that, but the 10-year-old, I’m like, ‘You gotta maybe come have dinner with me.’”

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