NCIS: Hawai’i Season 2 Episode 1 Review: Prisoners’ Dilemma

If you were looking for action, high-stakes scenarios, and romance, NCIS: Hawai’i Season 2 Episode 1 was the episode for you.

“Prisoners’ Dilemma” was the second half of the crossover that started with NCIS Season 20 Episode 1. It was a highly enjoyable hour that highlighted that the NCIS universe knows how to craft a crossover that benefits fans of both shows.

On the surface, Maxwell Jason making a beeline for the 50th state seemed like a ploy for a quick getaway, but thankfully, there was a method to his madness.

I can’t be the only person worried that it would be like stealing valuable time from some of the best characters going into this crossover.

Thankfully, Jason’s motives were tied to someone in Hawaii, and it helped keep the plot grounded in reality.

Torres and Knight gel so well with the Hawaii team that I wouldn’t mind either of them migrating to the spinoff full-time.

There’s no telling how long the mothership has left, but these two would be great permanent additions to the latest spinoff.

It certainly seems like the writers are leaving that option on the table when you consider the chemistry between Knight & Ernie and Torres & Tennant.

Granted, Knight is proceeding with Jimmy for now, but I’m far more invested in a potential pairing between Torres and Tennant.

Even when they were put in a life-or-death situation, you could tell that connection was burning brighter than ever.

Jason’s mission wasn’t terrible, but his disguise could have been much better.

Had he nailed the disguise, his plan would have come to fruition quickly.

It’s a bit hard to believe that the shoe dropped when Stagg had the beard removed digitally.

We knew the Raven was positively unhinged, so a deadly plot to blow up buildings in Hawaii was just par for the course.

He was super cocky, thinking he was invincible. He did manage to get the upper hand on several occasions, but the team learning his true identity allowed the others the time to disarm the bomb.

I wouldn’t have minded an extra hour for this storyline because there was a lot of potential to do more, but I understand the parameters of a crossover and the physical demands on the respective casts.

Jason surviving because Torres wants Parker to have one last word with him certainly makes me wonder whether this storyline is truly over.

Jason’s a formidable foe that would be a risk to every single NCIS agent going forward, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he popped back up at some point.

Villains that span more than one show lead to more crossover potential, and maybe the next time, NCIS: Los Angeles can join in for some fun.

“Prisoners’ Dilemma” didn’t feel like a season premiere because there was a lack of introduction to long-lasting consequences for the characters.

Lucy and Kate’s relationship taking center stage is a nice change of pace.

If NCIS: Hawai’i Season 1 taught us anything, it’s that they’re made for each other, and TV shows like to throw hurdles at every turn in for their most crucial relationships.

Here, it was nothing but positivity for this couple, and I hope that continues. I especially liked Lucy making way too much breakfast and then thinking that Kate would have breakfast for dinner … or after dinner.

Kate is very set in her ways, and she’s the type of person that gets offended when people try to disrupt that.

Lucy understood as much the moment her girlfriend refused to entertain the possibility of breakfast for dinner. Body language is very telling, you guys!

The strongest aspect of NCIS: Hawai’i since the series premiere is the bond between the team. They immediately struck a chord on NCIS: Hawai’i Season 1 Episode 1, and it looks like that will continue on NCIS: Hawai’i Season 2.

It’s hard to ponder the future because many of the characters didn’t get enough time to shine on the premiere, thanks to the crossover.

NCIS Hawai’i Season 2 Episode 2 should hopefully get back to a bit of normalcy by developing some of our longer-serving characters.

On a more negative note, did anyone else hate implementing the other NCIS characters via video feed?

I would have much preferred a phone call or, you know, them to hop on a plane and join in on the fun.

Parker’s scene seemed thrown in there just to appease fans, but it wasn’t nearly enough. I wanted to see him be a part of the big takedown.

That’s another reason why I think Jason will pop back up.

Over to you, NCIS: Hawai’i fanatics.

What did you think of the resolution?

Do you think the NCIS Universe is done with the Raven, or will he scheme his way out of prison again?

What’s your take on Jane/Torres, Ernie/Knight, and Lucy/Kate?

Would you like Torres and Knight to become more permanent additions to the NCIS: Hawai’i ensemble?

Are you a fan of the crossover events?

Hit the comments.

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