‘Love Is Blind’ Season 3’s Raven & SK Give Post-Wedding Update

[Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 3 Episodes 8-10.]

Of all the Love Is Blind Season 3 couples, Raven Ross and SK Alagbada are one of the strongest. They took things so slow in the beginning, it seemed the motivation for that was lack of interest. But as time went on, a true love grew deeper between them, showing the intentional care they put into building a strong foundation. Truly, they’re one of the show’s most emotionally intelligent couples to date. And in a world full of Bartises and Coles, that is a welcome change of pace.

Unfortunately, real-world obstacles brought them to an impasse in the third batch of episodes, released Wednesday, November 2 on Netflix. SK’s return to grad school just after filming meant a long-distance relationship was on the horizon. And with Raven unwilling to move from Texas to California to avoid that geographical gap, the couple had a serious problem to address. (There was also the issue of Raven’s family refusing to meet him because they didn’t approve of the experiment, but neither SK nor his mother held that against her. They gave her extra warm love in response instead.)

Love was blind for Raven and SK, but the real world still thwarted their plans in their Season 3 Episode 10 wedding. When it came time for the “I dos” or “I don’ts,” Raven said yes, and SK shockingly said no, saying they needed more time to hash out their logistical problems. Raven was heartbroken, but ultimately understood and was not visibly angry. She shared a tender moment with his also heartbroken mother, but it doesn’t seem like this rejection was a breakup.

Raven tells TV Insider that SK’s decision to say no at the altar aligned with their relationship values.

SK Alagbada and Raven Ross in 'Love Is Blind' Season 3


“I’ve always understood why he said no,” she says. “We had a lot of things working against us. SK literally moved probably four days after we wrapped filming to go to grad school across the country in a different timezone. Our cultural differences, huge. We started off really slow, which was our own thing. We had an incredible journey, but our whole thing was doing it on our own time, and unfortunately time just wasn’t on our side.”

“We had a lot more logistical things to figure out inside of our relationship, so it’s not that I didn’t understand. It still hurt,” she continues. “I understood what was happening and I knew why, but I was just still emotional because I was super in love with him.”

SK tells us he stands by his decision, which ultimately did seem mindful. “I don’t think I have any regrets currently about my decision on that day,” he shares. “I didn’t feel like I had gotten enough to be able to move forward with that step. Me proposing to her was me getting the opportunity to do that in the real world, and when we got back to Dallas, the real world came at us really quickly. We had a lot of other things to resolve that were still outstanding, and it just wasn’t enough for me to overlook and say ‘yes’ just because we’re at the altar and it was time to go.”

“However, I feel really bad watching it all over again,” he adds. “Watching her cry and [seeing] how heartbroken she was, as well as my family present. Watching my mom in that situation was very difficult for me.”

Fans will get a Raven and SK relationship update when the Love Is Blind Season 3 reunion drops November 9. But as of right now, neither of them regrets how their relationship went down this season.

“I regret what I said about Nancy [Rodriguez], because her and I are great friends,” Raven does admit after calling Nancy “basic” early in the season. “I respect her so much and think she’s a wonderful woman.” Her one other regret: “Clearly, the jumping jacks.” That moment in the pods with Bartise Bowden “was horrible timing,” Raven says. “It was horrible taste, and it was a mistake.”

As for SK, he says, “I don’t really think I have something to change. I feel like throughout the process I was myself. I was genuine, and I let myself be vulnerable. If I could do anything differently, it would probably be even more vulnerable in the process.”

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