‘La Brea’ Recap Season 2 Episode 4 — Villagers Attack, [Spoiler]’s Mother

This week on NBC’s La Brea, a heavy fog descended, villagers attacked… truths were told, trick arrows were fired… Josh and Riley made an unexpected acquaintance and an important-ish life was lost.


As a heavy fog creeped in on the clearing, Scott got word to Gavin that Aldridge wanted to meet with him (and him alone) to discuss infiltrating Lazarus and using their portal to get Josh back from 1988. Gavin learned from Aldridge that he’d need to return to the Exiles camp to gain access to Lazarus, by way of the latest black rock delivery. But their confab was cut short by reports of an attack on the clearing by a villager named Joseph and some of his equally peeved pals.

La Brea AldridgeGavin raced back to help Eve, Izzy et al fend off the threat, which had already been pretty handily neutered by a distraction and the clearing folk surrounding/ outnumbering their attackers. The warring groups’ woes were far from over, though, when a pack of growling, angry wolves zeroed in on the clearing. As everyone darted for the bus or other protective cover, Aldridge saved Gavin’s life by clubbing one wolf, though she in turn got badly mauled by another. Eve meanwhile made a point to retrieve a wounded Joseph from the “battlefield,” and bring him to Sam for medical care.

Meanwhile, those huddled inside the bus, Izzy included, watched in horror as the wolves assembled on “top” of their shelter and began gnawing at the thin piece of sheet metal (?) that stood between them and the bus interior. Spotting this threat, Eve and Levi used one of the black rocks and a stray bow to jerry-rig an explosive arrow that Eve shot into the bonfire (she used to go hunting with her dad!), sparking a blast that scared away the beasts.

In the aftermath, Eve made clear to a mistaken Izzy that her injury/leg did not play a role in her parents’ separation, and came clean about her and Levi’s affair. Veronica meanwhile explained to Ella that she’d been avoiding her because years ago, it was she who pointed wee Lily out to Aaron, to abduct next.

Aldridge did not survive her injuries, but before she passed, she assured Gavin and Scott, “You’re going to get where you need to go,” before informing the former, “Your mother, her name is Caroline…. She’s in 1988, but she’s coming back to set things right.” (More on Caroline in a bit!)

Elsewhere, Ty in the midst of everything suffered a seizure of some sort, related to his brain tumor. After drifting off into the foggy forest, he stumbled upon a patient of his, Anthony, who had also fallen through the La Brea sinkhole. Eventually — and we all saw this coming — Paara found Ty and revealed to him that he had been talking to nobody, just a hallucination. On the bright side, Ty and Paara made peace, sealed with a smooch.


After their new, sinkhole-believing acquaintance, Franklin, found a way to charge Josh’s phone, he was thrilled to see all the photographic evidence of 10,000 B.C. Thing is, Franklin himself is unable to present it to an esteemed peer, Dr. Clark, seeing as he’s been written off as, well, a crackpot. Instead, Riley approaches Dr. Clark (played by Melissa Neal) and her assistant at a nearby university, brandishing the anachronistic photos. Clark dismisses the pics as fakes made with “Hollywood props,” but afterward, her assistant flags down Riley and brings her and Josh to meet with… Dr. Clark, in private.

Dr. Clark accuses Riley and Josh of working with “James,” who has been trying to stop her work. “But I won’t let him, it’s too important,” says the prof.

La Brea CarolineRiley and Josh tell Dr. Clark about how they landed in 1988 while trying to help a “little boy” get home, and how a man Silas tried to stop them. Hearing Silas’ name, Dr. Clark asks what the little boy’s name was. When Josh says “Isaiah,” Riley can see that Dr. Clark is familiar with the name. “He’s my son,” she reveals — making her Josh’s grandma!

What did you think of the episode “The Fog”?

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