‘Bumper In Berlin’ Ending Explained — Renewed Or Cancelled For Season 2

Bumper Allen will remain in Germany for the foreseeable future… whether he likes it or not.

The first season of Peacock’s Bumper in Berlin ends with the titular crooner finally getting to perform at Unity Day alongside his entire crew. Unfortunately, this dream comes at a price. Several, actually. Not only must Bumper enter into a fake marriage with Thea in order to avoid deportation, but the performance also earns Heidi a new job in Los Angeles, which — as you know — is very far from Berlin.

And then there’s that giant Olympics symbol hanging ominously above Bumper and the gang as they ponder what their future holds. (Or doesn’t hold, in the case of Bumper’s cat.) Could that be a hint at what a second season of the show would hold?

“I have some ideas for Season 2,” executive producer Megan Amram tells TVLine, admitting that “it’s hard to not play the game of planning ahead.” Speaking of games, “I do love the idea of Bumper competing on the Olympics team, throwing javelin for Germany or something,” Amram adds. “Who knows, anything could happen!”

Adam Devine is a big fan of the season-ending twists, all of which “set us up for a great ‘What will happen in Season 2?’” the show’s star tells TVLine. “I would love to do it for a few more seasons, give the people what they want and live in this Pitch Perfect world. It’s a dream come true to be able to do. And to work with Sarah [Hyland] again was pretty unreal.”

Amram counts herself among those rooting for Bumper and Heidi, the former of whom has come a long way in the romance department since his relationship with Amy (Rebel Wilson) in the Pitch Perfect movies.

“Amy represents his old life — and he does mention that she blocked him on all forms of social media, so they haven’t spoken in a while,” Amram notes. “But something that I loved about Bumper and Amy’s relationship in the movies is that he seemed to really respect how talented she is, and how good she is at what she does. I did want to show in a new romantic relationship that he’s also attracted to Heidi because she’s really good at what she does.”

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