9 Vampire Shows on TV Right Now, Ranked

Vampires, you will always be famous. Not a year goes by without a new vampire story added to the pop culture lexicon, it seems. But 2022 was especially packed with new bloodsucking shows — three of which premiered in the Fall alone.

For a long while, YA stories dominated the genre, with The CW owning most of the vampire show market with The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Legacies. But Julie Plec‘s TVD universe ended when Legacies was canceled in June 2022. It wasn’t long before her supernatural catalog expanded with Vampire Academy at Peacock.

For years, one of the only mainstream nightcrawler titles competing with the YA content was HBO‘s True Blood, off the air since 2014. But prestige dramas are returning to the genre with Interview With the Vampire on AMC (with the network’s acquisition of Anne Rice‘s literary catalog, it’s making a huge investment in the supernatural — Mayfair Witches is next). And once in a blood moon, we get a vampire comedy like What We Do In the Shadows, which FX has renewed for Season 5 as the dark lord intended.

In honor of Halloween, we’ve ranked all of TV’s current vampire shows, both on networks and streaming. You’ll see some limited series, canceled shows, and recently concluded shows on this list, as streaming keeps things available to watch (in theory). But this is not a “best vampire shows of all time” ranking, so don’t expect anything that ended pre-2021.

Here are nine vampire shows currently on TV, ranked from worst to best — with the top two tied for first.

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