9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 5 Review: Home Invasion

Well, that was certainly a vintage hour of 9-1-1.

But whether or not it was your cup of tea may be up for debate.

9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 5 was pretty straightforward, with an overarching storyline that saw Athena, the 118, and the call center all getting their hands into the same story at different points. But the hour did struggle a bit in the middle, where it started to lag and then walked us into a rather uninteresting reveal.

The setup for the home invasions is a good one, with the cops called to the same house within the same day. It makes for an intriguing case, and Athena and Romero quickly figure out what is connecting these robberies all over the city together.

Now, right away, once it came out that the culprit used Maddie’s login to ply the robbers with security codes and other information, it was obvious who that person would be. It wasn’t going to be any dispatchers we know and have connected with.

Linda wasn’t suddenly going to become a thieving mastermind!

So, that only leaves Noah, who we’ve learned so little about beyond his excited energy and immediate kinship with Maddie. Discovering that he was lying and trying to repay a debt was a pretty sad conclusion to this story, if I’m being honest. It wasn’t like Noah was some dynamic character, but I did like the idea of mentoring Maddie.

And Noad seemed on the surface like a decent enough guy. We never got to see what it would have been like for Maddie and May to form a sort of teacher/student relationship, and it could have been fun to see that play out with Noah.

But alas, it was not meant to be, and it’s a difficult moment for Maddie, who seems like her faith truly gets shaken in the aftermath of the situation.

Firing Magda, who was way too much, was partly done because Madga was prying Maddie’s sanctuary away from her and because Magda was a stranger. She was a stranger changing her home and looking after her daughter, and that’s a pretty scary thought when you think about it.

Noah was a stranger, too, and he used Maddie’s kindness to his advantage, putting people in danger. I’m sure Noah never meant for anyone to get hurt, but that was totally out of his control. And that blood is ultimately also on his hands.

Noah: You tricked me.
Maddie: You lied to us. To me.

Poor Maddie can never catch a break, but one thing that was nice to see was how at peace she and Chimney are. They appear to be the happiest we’ve seen them in a while and are extremely in sync. Now that they’re back together, I’m content to see them like this, devoid of any drama for the foreseeable future.

It’s 9-1-1. There is plenty of drama to go around, and they’ve seen enough of it.

Elsewhere, Hen was preparing for her practical exam, and this may be the first time since they’ve introduced the medical school storyline that I feel like I have a very solid prediction of where things are going.

Hen was always going to have to choose. It was always going to come down to moving forward with school or staying at the 118. And it’s been nice to see her have the support of everyone, especially as it becomes more and more likely that she will be leaving.

Everyone is excited for Hen and proud of her. They appreciate her hard work and are ready to cheer her on, even if it saddens them to see her go.

Karen’s ultimatum during 9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 2 came from a place of concern for her wife, who was running herself ragged. Hen could not continue to live her life like that, and although she never came out and said she was choosing medical school, her actions thus far show you where her heart lies. 

We haven’t had a good, old-fashioned Bathena barbeque in a long time, and this one was entirely too short. But we did get that meaningful montage of some of Hen and the 118’s greatest hits. It was a way for Hen to remember the good times and for it to truly sink in that this wild, life-changing adventure was coming to an end.

And Hen seems okay with that, if not sad. She’s going to miss her found family, and they’re going to miss her tremendously.

But then that ending comes, and it feels like that explosion will twist everything on its head.

Karen’s emergency will undoubtedly affect Hen, who’ll have to deal with the real possibility of losing the love of her life in the next installment. And as she goes through this ordeal, I have to wonder how it will make her feel regarding her job.

My educated guess based purely on emotion and some logic? This event will convince Hen that she should stay at the 118.

For one, this storyline has to conclude sometime, and it has to end with either Hen still a paramedic or her becoming a doctor. It’s hard for me to see a scenario where Hen truly leaves, and I’d much rather her make the decision herself than a situation where she’s in school and forced out somehow.

There’s also going to be a swell of emotions watching her colleagues, her family race into the pits of hell to save her person. She’s raced in and put her life on the line more times than she can remember, but it’s a different animal when it’s someone you love that needs rescuing.

It may spark something inside her and make her realize that being a paramedic is her destiny. Was always her destiny.

Whatever happens, Hen’s story is approaching its breaking point, and decisions will need to be made sooner than later.

Loose Ends

  • The Hoover chronicles were funnier than they had any right to be. In those comedic moments, 9-1-1 can really set itself apart from the average procedural. I like that Hoover ended up in a loving home, but could the 118 have a house dog? Is that a thing?

  • The way they destroyed that poor girl’s house was so brutal. Lucky for her, Buck and Eddie are two pure souls who, I guess, got together off-camera to take a wild guess about paint color and enlist some random people to help them fix this woman’s house! Totally normal behavior.

  • Speaking of Eddie, we are a good way into the season, and he has no storyline. And it’s unfortunate because I end up saying this at some point every season. They could do a lot with Chris and his need for independence as a young kid, but I’m not sure they’re committed to it.

  • Did anyone else notice the random people at the party who were apparently not cool enough to stand in the super exclusive 118 plus ones circle while they toasted Hen?

  • Lou Ransone has my heart, but I also love me some Romero! He and Athena work so well together.

  • Karen will be okay. Karen will be okay. Karen will be okay. If you say it enough times, it will come true, guys!

9-1-1 Season 6 is trucking along, and while this hour wasn’t tops of the tops, it was still a STRONG episode. 9-1-1 continues to bounce back and prove itself as one of the most reliable television series out there.

And next week looks absolutely insane.

Do me a favor and drop all your thoughts below, and remember to watch 9-1-1 online so you can join the conversation!

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