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There Were Accusations That Harry Styles Spit On Chris Pine, And Olivia Wilde Addressed Them

The Don’t Worry Darling director spoke out in defense of her lover, Harry Styles , in a sneak peek segment from Wednesday night’s edition of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, disputing allegations that he spit on Chris Pine .

Wilde, 38 at the time, laughed off Colbert’s inquiry by saying, “He did not.” It’s a classic case of individuals trying to find conflict in every situation. As a matter of fact, Harry did not spit on Chris. True enough, he didn’t.

The film supposedly capturing the event at the Venice Film Festival has sparked widespread speculation that the Watermelon Sugar singer, age 28 at the time, spit on Pine, age 42. Grammy-winning singer moved to sit next to Pine, who was seated close to Wilde in the tape. The actor reportedly hesitated before cracking a wicked grin when the singer-turned-actor allegedly spit on him as he sat down.

Fans were sure they spotted saliva dripping from Styles’ mouth, but Pine’s representatives soon put an end to the claims. The representative informed People that the story was completely made up and was the consequence of a strange online illusion that was obviously misleading and allowed for baseless speculation.

I want to make it perfectly clear that Harry Styles did not spit on Chris Pine. Any insinuation that these two individuals do not appreciate one another is an obvious attempt to manufacture conflict where none exists.

A few days later, during a performance in New York City, Styles also addressed the rumors. For the tenth time, we’ll be performing in Madison Square Garden. At the start of his Love on Tour: Madison Square Garden Is Harry’s House concert, he said, “It is fantastic, amazing, wonderful to be back here.”

Fear not; we have returned from Venice, where I was merely spitting on Chris Pine. A roar of applause erupted around him at those words.

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