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Tamar Braxton Coyly Responds To The Speculation Regarding Her Relationship Status

During her appearance on “Dish Nation” on September 14, Tamar Braxton had fans and the show’s co-hosts on their toes by revealing some details about her dating life.

Braxton made waves over a month ago when she showed up to a surprise birthday party for her purported boo, Atlanta billionaire Jeremy Robinson. The two had previously been seen socializing in a nightclub setting. Despite the fact that Braxton and Robinson have made public appearances together, very little information regarding their supposed relationship has been shared.

When asked for an update on her dating life, Braxton said on the show that, despite the fact that she is out partying, her direct messages (DMs) on social media are “dry.”

No, my DM’s are empty, but Tamar is certainly in the streets, she replied, omitting Robinson’s name. That’s OK, Tamar Street Braxton. Braxton, 45, responded, “I’m just going outside having fun,” when asked if he was hooking up with anyone casually.

Later, when the subject turned to music, Braxton joked that her new album, titled “Streets Braxton,” would feature tales from her romantic exploits.

After her performance, Braxton shared a link to the video on the official account she maintains for Instagram with the remark “We dishing Chile on @dishnation with the gang.” Fans watched the video, and as soon as they did, several of them commented on it, bringing up Braxton’s words and the rumors surrounding her partner.

One of Braxton’s fans went as far as to suggest that the reason she has been so secretive about her rumored relationship with Robinson is that she does not want to lay claim to him. Tamar is not outside walking around with the JR Law chain. She is putting on a good show to convince everyone that Dusty Dan is not her boyfriend.

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