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Reactions To Tom Brady And Gisele Bündchen’s Divorce

Yesterday, one of the biggest couples on the planet announced their divorce — Tom Brady And Gisele Bündchen.

And naturally, it became a big conversation on the internet.

People were really sad to hear it:

The Brady/Gisele thing is actually super sad. I couldn’t imagine the publicity of all this. Remember that athletes are human too.

Twitter: @NickPedone12

Not gonna lie, I feel bad for both Brady and Gisele. It’s very unfortunate and sad that it came to this point. Divorce is crappy and painful to go through. Regardless of why it happened and the people involved, I hope they both can find happiness and love again ????

Twitter: @thenvpshow

It hurt especially because they were together for so long. 13 years is basically forever.

Twitter: @carynbiz

Thoughts and prayers with Tom and Gisele….at the end of the day they’re human and divorce sucks.

Twitter: @TopLine_Sports

Divorce sucks, it’s just a horrible time in your life. It also sucks when it gets a play by play on Social Media of everything that happened leading up to the ending. I can’t imagine what Tom and Gisele will have to deal with, and all the media and fans talking every day.

Twitter: @smith0624

There were also some who tried to inject some levity into the situation with a few light jokes:

I’m jealous of Gisele and Tom Brady over the fact that their divorce settlement took around a month and not 13 years like my parents

Twitter: @JSB_TV

Tom Brady is going to be PISSED when he retires mid season to try and patch things up with Giselle only to find out she’s dating Pete Davidson.

Twitter: @MexPlays__

Twitter: @MyBookie/Brillstein-Grey Entertainment/Robert Simonds Productions

Tom Brady and I finally have something in common, we’re both not married to Gisele Bündchen.

Twitter: @scottmatla

And then there were also people who had no idea that they had even been a thing:

Twitter: @sunkissedseba

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