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Pregnant TikToker Nabela Noor Reveals Sex of Baby With Seth Martin

Nabela Noor is thinking pink, again.

Two weeks after confirming she is pregnant, the social media star shared that she and husband Seth Martin have another daughter on the way.

In an adorable reveal video shared to TikTok on Dec. 5, the couple are seen opening a large white, ribbon adorned box as their 9-month-old daughter Amalia Rana sits on the floor in front in front of them. As the two open the top, pink balloons begin to float out, revealing they are expecting a baby girl.

The clip, captioned “a dream come true,” was fitting set to John Mayer‘s 2003 song “Daughters.”

In the comments, the couple—who married in 2015—was showered with congratulations. One fan wrote, “Two girls so close is age is precious!! They will be besties forever. Love this for y’all!!” Nabela—who has three sisters of her own—responded, “This is such a dream come true. My sisters are my best friends, I squeezed them when I found out.”

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