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Melanie Martin Is Staying “Strong” For Her & Aaron Carter’s Son Prince

Melanie Martin is focusing on motherhood after the loss of fiancé Aaron Carter.

Two days after Aaron’s death at age 34, his fiancée Melanie reflected on her future with their 11-month-old son Prince.

“I only wish I had more people to help me with him,” she told People in a Nov. 7 statement. “I will now be raising our son as a single mother and this is the worst day of my life, but I have to be strong for our son.”

Noting that she is “devastated,” Melanie voiced her grief on the loss of Aaron—who she got engaged to in 2020.

“My heart is completely broken over the passing of my fiancé Aaron,” she said. “I knew he was struggling, and I tried everything to help him He has a very independent and strong personality, and I couldn’t help him in the way I felt he needed it.”

Melanie’s message comes after she first broke her silence on his death by explaining in a Nov. 5 statement to Associated Press News that she is “still in the process of accepting this unfortunate reality.”

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