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Meg Stalter, Mark Indelicato Talk “Hacks” And “White Lotus”

Megan Stalter and Mark Indelicato, two of the hilarious cast members of HBO Max’s Emmy-winning series Hacks, said they’d love to jump to another HBO ensemble: White Lotus.

“I want to be the killer actually,” Indelicato told BuzzFeed News in a red carpet interview at Tuesday’s Golden Globes.

Stalter said she could see the two of them playing a miserable married couple with seven kids.

“There’s always like two babies around my hip, and I’m so stressed and trying to have a good vacation for once,” Stalter said.

“But there’s something sneaky about this husband. He’s got a secret,” Indelicato said.

In Hacks, Stalter plays incompetent receptionist Kayla, who constantly annoys her boss, Jimmy (Paul W. Downs). But because she’s the daughter of the talent agency’s CEO, Jimmy fights the urge to fire Kayla every episode.

And she’s not the only one saying she’d be perfect for the next season of the luxe destination drama. Before White Lotus’ Season 2 finale on Dec. 11, people on social media shared their casting picks for a third season. Stalter was suggested alongside actors like Alexa Demie, who plays Maddy on Euphoria, and Ilia Isorelýs Paulino, who plays Lila on The Sex Lives of College Girls.

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