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Many Of Taylor Swift’s Listeners Believe That The Album Midnights Is About Her Having A Miscarriage In Secrecy

Fans of Taylor Swift speculate that one of the more moving songs on her most recent album, Midnights, may refer to the singer’s undisclosed loss of a pregnancy.

Bigger Than The Whole Sky, included as a bonus track on the newly-released CD’s 3 am version, tells the story of a tragic loss; however, it does not elaborate on the specific circumstances that led to the experience of loss.

In the song’s opening stanza, Swift, who is 32 years old, sings, “No words come before me in the aftermath / Salt runs from my eyes and into my ears.” Because it’s all over now, it’s all out to sea, and the melancholy I feel spreads to every single item I come in contact with.

The subsequent description in the second stanza explains how it feels to have to part ways with someone you’ve never had the chance to meet. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye / You were more significant than the whole sky. You were not simply a passing fancy, and I’ve got a lot to lament about your passing. Unfortunately, I have a lot of things that I can do without.

Next, Swift sings, “I’m never going to meet / What could’ve been, would’ve been / What should’ve been you, what could’ve been you, and what would’ve been you if it had been any other person.

Fans have taken to Twitter to speculate on the meaning behind Taylor Swift’s tragic lyrics, even though it is unknown what inspired the song or even if Swift composed it from her point of view. One of Taylor Swift’s fans asked, “Did Taylor Swift write “Bigger than the whole sky” about a pregnancy loss?”

Warning to all of my fellow mothers who have experienced a miscarriage: Bigger Than The Whole Sky, which can be found on Taylor Swift’s newest album and is one of the bonus tracks, is a challenging song; if you want to listen to it, I recommend having some tissues handy if you are already feeling emotionally vulnerable.

Since 2016, Swift has been romantically involved with the actor Joe Alwyn, but she has been notoriously discreet about their relationship. In June, there were rumors that the couple had gotten engaged; the track “Opening Up” on the album seemed to reflect the Grammy winner’s apparent response to those rumors.

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