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Kathy Hilton Says She Has No Regrets About Calling Lisa Rinna A ‘Bully’ During RHOBH Reunion!

Kathy Hilton won’t apologize for calling out Lisa Rinna for being a “bully!”

As fans may recall, tensions between Lisa and Kathy came to a head during a trip to Aspen in the latest season. According to the 59-year-old reality star, Kathy had an off-camera meltdown about how she wanted to “destroy” her sister Kyle Richards and her family, NBC, Bravo, and the rest of her castmates:

“We get in the sprinter van and Kathy starts screaming about everything, and she’d say things like, ‘I’m gonna take down NBC, Bravo, I will take down the show single-handedly. I will f**king ruin you all!’What in the holy f**ing hell? She takes her glasses off, she throws them on the ground, she’s jumping up and down, breaking her glasses, she’s pounding the walls and she’s screaming she ‘made’ Kyle… Kathy’s responsible for Kyle and she said, ‘I will destroy Kyle and her family if it’s the last thing I ever do.’”

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The Days of Our Lives alum also claimed Kathy called Crystal Kung Minkoff and Sutton Stracke “pieces of s**t” who should be “f**king fired” from the reality show. Whoa… However, the 63-year-old hotel heiress slammed the allegations from Lisa during the reunion, accusing her of only bringing up her rant to secure a spot in the next season. She fired back:

“Maybe you wanted it on camera because your contract was coming up.”

Kathy then condemned the Melrose Place star’s problematic behavior on the series, saying:

“You fight with everybody. What you did to my sister and you drove Lisa Vanderpump off the show, the list can go on and on. You are the biggest bully in Hollywood and everyone knows it.”

Damn!!! It was a pretty intense moment between the two co-stars. But since filming the reunion, how does she feel about her comments toward Lisa now? When asked in an interview with Extra on Friday if she regretted calling her a “bully” after Lisa was booed on stage at BravoCon, the actress replied “that’s unfortunate” before adding:

“She is a bully. She bullied everybody, and I think that is just the worst.”

Paris Hilton’s mom also doubled down that she “certainly didn’t say” the nasty remarks Lisa claims she did while the camera wasn’t on:

“I never, ever, ever should have apologized… She was saying, ‘I get ya, you’re preaching to the choir…’ and agreeing with me… I did say something I shared. I certainly didn’t say what she says I said… I will not let that go.”

Something tells us this feud between Kathy and Lisa won’t be going away anytime soon! You can ch-ch-check out the entire interview (below):

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