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Jennifer Lopez: Being Proudly Latina Made Me Feel Special

Lopez, 53, tells Morgan Radford of NBC News, “This is my body,” in exclusive footage provided with PEOPLE ahead of Tuesday’s episode of Today. Radford observes that Lopez did not conform to others’ expectations of who she should be.

Lopez explains, “It’s just who I was,” and goes on to remark that her parents always pushed for her to embrace her unique identity.

Because of this, I often felt like a unicorn when I entered spaces like Hollywood, where people like me do not exist. I identify as Latina. To introduce myself, I’m Jennifer Lopez , and I was born and raised in the Bronx. My parents are from Puerto Rico, thus which makes me Puerto Rican as well. Also, I got a sense of being pampered.

Lopez likewise remembers appreciating her physical form despite a dearth of role models who shared her characteristics. The entire body itself was a phenomenon. While I did grow up in a world where not everyone was a size zero model or a tall blonde with perfect skin, I did see various standards of beauty.

In honor of her 53rd birthday in July, Lopez posed for a series of nude photos. There was also a celebration for the introduction of JLo Body by JLo Beauty at this time.

The Marry Me star previously told PEOPLE, “Beauty has no expiration date” has always been her credo because she works in an industry where youth is revered and people attempt to write off people (particularly women) after a certain age.

What’s more, That’s it, you’re finished; there are no more films for you to see. For the time being, we will not be listening to your music. I looked up to people like Diana Ross, Cher, and Tina Turner when I was a kid even though they were well into their 50s by the time I was born.

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