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Finneas Admitted He Did Not Have A Helmet On When He Crashed His E-Bike, Revealing Many Fractures

Finneas has fully recovered from the broken collarbone and elbow he sustained the previous week while riding an electric bicycle.

The musician, who is 25 years old, took to Instagram on Thursday to post a picture of his X-ray, which displayed one of his fractures. He then explained the terrifying circumstance.

According to the producer stated, “last Friday, I had the joy of wrecking my electric bike, soaring over the handlebars, and utterly wrecking my collarbone.” He also had a radial head fracture to his right elbow.

Because of the seriousness of the dislocation of my collarbone, I was compelled to have surgery; however, I have since recovered from the procedure, and I am feeling fantastic!

, the singer who sang “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night” said. After that, Finneas, whose full name is Finneas O’Connell, thanked his medical professionals, his family, and above all, his fiancée Claudia Sulewski for stopping it all to keep hold of him as soon as this happened. Claudia’s full name is Claudia Sulewski.

Billie Eilish’s brother, a musician, has told fans that he will be able to perform with his sister at The Forum in New York City this December if he puts in the necessary time and effort.

Even though I was embarrassed by my fall, the feeling that dominated my mind was appreciation. You must have noticed that I did not have a helmet on my head. The winner of the Grammy award continued, “Lesson forever learned.”

In conclusion, he stated, I really can’t believe I’m still here. Remember to take care of yourselves and express gratitude to your bodies for everything they do for you. See you all again soon ♥. On the other hand, the hitmaker is not the only star to fall off a bicycle while riding an electric bicycle.

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