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Eighteen-Year-Old Leni Klum Discusses Her Contentious Lingerie Photoshoot With Mum Heidi Klum

Regardless of what the critics say, Leni Klum is pleased with the lingerie commercial she photographed alongside her mother. Leni, 18 years old, told Page Six on Monday night at Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween party that she “honestly didn’t look at a lot of the replies.”
I am satisfied with the campaign; the day I spent with my mother was beautiful. The photographs came out well, and we had a fantastic time together.
Leni told us that she does not read the comments on her social media posts since some people thought the mother-daughter Intimissimi advertisements to be strange and frightening.
She admitted that she did not look at it anymore. Since I haven’t bothered to look, I have yet to learn what it consists of. The up-and-coming fashion icon was quoted as saying, “I had an incredible day, an incredible shoot, it’s out, and I adore it.”
Leni also expressed her excitement about the possibility of collaborating with her supermodel mother, who is 49 years old.
She has my love. She is a source of motivation. I could go on and on about her guidance, work ethic, and many other admirable qualities, Leni told reporters at the glittering gala. It’s so much fun to shoot with her.
On his SiriusXM show, Howard Stern expressed his disapproval of the Intimissimi ad that the Klums were running, saying, “I looked at it, and I thought, ‘This is so f—king out of line.'” It is entirely uncalled for. But you can’t tear your eyes away from it.
He went on to say that it appears to be a man’s [private] fantasy. They are both kissing and hugging each other at the same time. And they’re having a good time. Others who use the internet concurred with Stern’s assessment, stating that the endeavor gave off an unpleasant vibe.

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