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Criticizing Madonna, Cardi B Once-Admired Figures Eventually Turn Out To Be Let Downs

Cardi B responded angrily to Madonna after the latter said that Cardi B’s song WAP owes its sex-positive mindset to one of Madonna’s. Because I spent much of my childhood listening to her music, I have practically paid this woman to honor a significant number of times…

According to a tweet that the 30-year-old rapper posted on Sunday, which has since been removed, he said that she is capable of making her point without using clown emojis or getting slick out of her mouth. For this reason, I prefer to stick to myself because if you succeed in the industry, these legends prove to be a source of bitter disappointment.

Cardi was perturbed after Madge posted a story to her Instagram account on Saturday, in which she implied that Madge’s erotica book Sex, which was published in 1992, was responsible for paving the path for the creative expression of contemporary female artists.

According to Madonna, the controversial coffee table book featured images of her in her nude state and photos of men kissing men, women kissing women, and herself kissing everyone in the book.

The Queen of Pop, who is now 64 years old, detailed how she spent the subsequent several years being interviewed by individuals with narrow minds who sought to humiliate her for strengthening herself as a Woman. She also mentioned that she was labeled a whore, a witch, a heretic, and the devil during this time.

Cardi B can finally sing about her pregnancy now that she has given birth. She mentioned that Miley Cyrus could come in like a wrecking ball, and Kim Kardashian could grace the front of any magazine with her naked ass, and she signed off by saying, “You’re welcome, bitches……..”

Cardi responded to an argument made by a person on Twitter who claimed that tone cannot be conveyed through typed words by stating, “If I type suck my d—k’ you going hear the tone bitch.” Those who agreed with the Bodak Yellow singer that Madonna’s final phrase was disrespectful outnumbered those who didn’t.

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