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Bros Billy Eichner Interview, Behind-The-Scenes Facts


What’s next?

BE: “First, I need a little bit of a break, because I’ve been going hard with Bros for years. It means so much to me. But there are a couple of other scripts that I’m co-writing and developing — I’m writing a movie with Paul Rudnick that Greg Berlanti is producing, called Ex-Husbands. It’s the other side of Bros. It’s about a big, funny gay divorce. Kind of like a gay War of the Roses

“I’m very much a one-project-at-a-time type of person. I’m not a great multitasker when it comes to writing. So, my focus is very much Bros right now. Hopefully, people — everyone, straight people, gay people, LGBTQ people, anyone who wants to laugh a lot — make their way into the movie theater to see it and support it. And I’ll get to make more movies, and other LGBTQ folks will get to make more movies. That’s what it’s going to take to make that happen.”

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