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According To John Stamos, Billy, His 4-Year-Old Son, Previously Injured His Wrist

After being questioned by host Sunny Hostin about the preschooler’s interest in sports, the “Full House” alum confessed the injury during her presence on the episode of “The View” that aired on Thursday.

Is Billy already interested in sports? Are you planning to begin with the Little League? Hostin posed this question to Stamos, whose character on the Disney+ series Big Shot is a basketball coach.

I sure do hope not. The actor, who is 59 years old, confessed that he did not know sports. I was anxious because I was thinking, “Oh, I have to sit through that,” while Billy was having a little bit of a tee-ball game. However, he recently broke his wrist while playing on the monkey bars, and I told him, “See, that’s what sports do to you.” That’s the effect that sports have.

Stamos welcomed Billy into the world in 2018 with his wife Caitlin McHugh and acknowledged his hate for sports the previous year, stating that his heart sank when he found out he received the role in the sporting drama.

The actor revealed this information to The Post in April 2021. “I was a music geek in school, and I’m a band geek today,” he said. “I never played sports and didn’t even watch sports.” I was joking when I said that it was more difficult for me to learn basketball terminology than it was to learn medical vocabulary when I was in ER portraying a doctor.

Stamos is starting to feel more comfortable in his work as a coach, but he is still struggling to adjust to his kid’s new routine at school.

When the former General Hospital cast member was saying goodbye to his son Billy on his first school day back in August, she became emotional.

The happy actor captioned a photo of himself and his son wearing identical white polo shirts with the caption, “One of us is beginning his first day at school.” The image was posted on Instagram. And the other one is trying everything in his power to suppress his emotions and keep from crying.

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