“Sexy Nukim” and Our BTS Favorites: Stanning BTS Podcast

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RM is bringing “Sexy Nukim” back! BTS’ leader has teamed with Balming Tiger on their latest track, and Kayla and Bethany have some thoughts.

Also on this episode of Stanning BTS, the hosts pose some questions to themselves about their favorite BTS highlights. The run through their favorite “sexy” songs, band eras, concert moments, photo shoots, and more. All these questions will be asked to listeners during the next ICONIC hangout on Monday, September 19th at 7:00 p.m. ET, but you can learn what the hosts think now.

Listen to their thoughts on all this and “Sexy Nukim” in the episode above, then make sure to like, review, and subscribe to Stanning BTS wherever you get your podcasts. You can also show your Iconic status by snagging the Stanning BTS Iconic ARMY T-shirt, now on sale at the Consequence Shop or via the buy-now button below.

Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association remains Stanning BTS‘ charity of the month. The organization takes prompt and professional relief responses in disasters by establishing cooperative networks with central government agencies, local governments, major corporations, and media outlets. As Korea still deals with the damage caused by Typhoon Hinnamnor, Hope Bridge’s work is more important right now than ever.

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