McKinley Dixon’s “Sun, I Rise (ft. Angélica Garcia)”: Stream

McKinley Dixon has shared “Sun, I Rise,” a soulful new track that features a hook from Angélica Garcia. Listen to the single below.

In “Sun, I Rise,” Dixon examines his morals over mournful strings — including a particularly extravagant harp. “I became a better liar as I’ve gotten older,” the Chicago-based rapper notes. “Is it ’cause the tongue got sharper or ’cause my heart got colder?” Garcia, a singer-songwriter from Dixon’s native Richmond, Virginia, provides the chorus, where “Sun, I Rise” repeats.

“I wanted to tell this story of a boy who’s sort of a mixture of Icarus and King Midas,” Dixon explained in a statment. “The beginning of the song emphasizes someone who longs for the sun, someone who’s been close before. The character is sorta yelling at the sun and pleading for warmth and discussing the fall down.”

“Sun, I Rise” marks our former Artist of the Month’s first release since his great 2021 album For My Mama and Anyone Who Look Like Her, which he broke down for Consequence Track by Track. As for Garcia, her last album was 2020’s Cha Cha Palace. 

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