Haviah Mighty’s “Honey Bun” Is A Moody Song of Excess: Stream

Haviah Mighty has returned with “Honey Bun,” a moody new song about the surface-level pleasures of fame. Listen to the track below.

Produced by Bizness Boi and Derelle Rideout, “Honey Bun” represents the mentality of always wanting more once you experience success. In a press release, Mighty explained that after a breakup, she turned to the material benefits of her rising rap career for comfort, only to realize that owning a bunch of Prada and Balenciaga can only make you so happy.

“The end of this relationship was the end of stability and certainty for a time. It broke my trust. It meant that my value system around building relationships had completely changed. Where I once sought authenticity in a new connection, I found my desires were only surface,” Mighty recalled. “I pivoted hard to self-validation, recognizing my co-dependency on this person only after being left behind. I began to rely heavily on having multiple beautiful partners, money, designer clothes, drugs and any other way to escape the hurt. ‘Honey Bun’ is a toxic part of my journey, but mixed with the internal conflict of knowing better deep down.”

After seemingly flexing about her new lavish lifestyle, Mighty ends “Honey Bun” with audio from her father, who explains what’s really important. “I reflect on parental advice, ‘don’t need nothing but yourself, that’s on my mama/father,’ and while I’m still crooning about needing ‘another one,’ through the outro my father can be heard discrediting the entire song with his take on what beauty really is,” she explained. “You’re reminded that just as your true purpose is found from going within, the true purpose of another is found within them. Overall, this song is a reminder that nothing is surface deep.”

Listen to “Honey Bun” below. Mighty’s last project was the 2021 mixtape Stock Exchangewhich featured the singles  “Protest,”  “Atlantic,” and “Flamenco.”

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