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After 12 years as a group, hip-hop collective BROCKHAMPTON is saying goodbye with their final album, The Family, released on Thursday (Nov. 16), and TM, which dropped on Friday (Nov. 17) and is billed as a “parting gift” to fans.



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The release comes seven months after the band announced that their next album would be their last during a much-hyped Coachella set in April. During the performance, they played a clip of Kevin Abstract sitting everyone in the band down and telling them he’d made a “group album” in New York, before showing a screen that read “THE FINAL ALBUM 2022.”

The Family has 17 tracks and was recorded in the spring of 2022 by Abstract, Bearface and Romil Hemnani of BROCKHAMPTON with artist and producer boylife serving as the executive producer alongside Bearface. The album features previously released singles “Big Pussy” and “The Ending” and is available in three limited edition box sets. 

TM, meanwhile, is made up of songs that were started by the group during a two week trip to Ojai, Calif., in 2021, but were never fully completed. Earlier this year, the group’s Matt Champion took on the role of EP and finished the album.

To commemorate the group’s final releases, Abstract took to social media to share a statement in which he reflects on moving on and how BROCKHAMPTON has changed his life. “I think about all of the good that came from my pain. That pain, those dreams – that was the coal in the furnace of my creativity – and still, as we got big and cool s— started happening, those embers never left,” he wrote. “The pain has found a way to adapt for the new life. Maybe that s—’s just the human condition or whatever. This project is the culmination of all that. And all that smoke from that furnace was making us all cough, for all our sakes it was time to air it out, to move into the future. Fresh air.”

Listen to both The Family and TM in full below.

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