Alexander Skarsgard Stars in Cronenberg Film

Whenever you’re surrounded by rich elites in a secluded space, it’s almost expected that you’ll encounter depravity, as the characters of Infinity Pool discover. Brandon Cronenberg’s latest work continues his extensive disturbing filmography with his signature sci-fi flare, as a writer’s search for inspiration spirals into a desperate and hedonistic struggle for survival.

In the new trailer for the upcoming horror film, we follow a struggling author (Alexander Skarsgard) and his wealthy partner Em (Cleopatra Coleman) as they travel to an isolated resort for a change of scenery. Following a meeting with fans and a mysterious guide Gabi (Mia Goth), a trip outside the resort grounds finds the couple involved with a tragic and deadly accident. Their quest to save themselves from the death penalty forces the couple into wild new surroundings.

Originating from the same mind behind Possessor (2020) and Antiviral (2012), fans of Cronenberg are in for a bloody good time. Produced by Karen Harnisch, Andrew Cividino, Christina Piovesan, Noah Sigal, Infinity Pool is set to premiere at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, before its eventual theatrical release on January 27th, 2023.

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