The Cowabunga Collection Update Detailed, Will Bring New Quality-of-Life Features

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection was praised for its suite of extras and attention to detail, and now Digital Eclipse is going the extra mile once again. The studio spoke about an upcoming update for the compilation that is going to add a whole host of new features.

As shown in its latest stream, many of these are quality-of-life features meant to make the games more accessible in various ways. The arcade games in the bundle will now have original DIP switch settings and will now support arcade sticks on PlayStation 5 and Xbox consoles (they weren’t specific about what generation of Xbox). And for all the games it pertains to, Digital Eclipse added the ability to do special attacks with one button via the button mapping rather than pressing both jump and attack at the same time.

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Many games are also getting an audio improvements in order to make balance the levels between the user interface and game volume. Genesis games in particular will now have a low-pass filter to improve the audio and smooth out high noises, but it can also be turned off.

There are also some changes that are specific to certain games. Players can now use the D-pad to choose options in TMNT 3: The Manhattan Project instead of the start and select buttons. Tournament Fighters‘ team mode from the Japanese Super Famicom version is now on by default and doesn’t require a code. The SNES version of Tournament Fighters also now lets players use ultimate moves in the story. The strategy guide sections have been fleshed out with the full move lists for all iterations of Tournament Fighters, too.

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Digital Eclipse also ran down various bullet points related to the collection as a whole. There are currently no plans to add online support to other games in the collection, but the studio is open if Konami wants to pursue it later on. Steam Remote Play Together support is currently being looked into and early testing has been positive. The netcode will be further optimized, but players should expect much since it is still peer-to-peer. PS4 and PS4 cross-save hasn’t been explored, either.

The update won’t have any new video filters, but there are vague plans for something related to filters and the Game Boy games, which will be revealed in the near future. This grand patch also doesn’t have a release date and still has to be finalized and go through testing, so it’s not yet known when players can dig into these new changes.

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