Spirits Unleashed Shows Off Character Customization

Ghostbusters: Spirits UnleashedIllfonic’s asymmetrical multiplayer game, will allow players to slip into their own Ghostbusters jumpsuit, and now fans have an idea of just how deep the customization options will go.

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In a new video from Tokyo Game Show 2022, footage from the upcoming game shows off what it’ll be like to customize your character when the game launches sometime later this year. In the video, players walk up to the iconic changing booths of the four Ghostbusters and are then treated to a standard character customization screen.

The customization menu then lets you pick different body types, including a male or female Ghostbuster, as well as different physiques, faces, and hairstyles. There’s even the ability to more finely tune your character with details such as changing your eyebrow height, how your face is proportioned, and more.

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Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed pits four human players against a variety of supernatural enemies. The ghost is tasked with haunting a map by spooking the civilians within it, while the hunters have to track down and catch the ghost with their array of recognizable gadgets. There will be a handful of different ghost classes with unique abilities and all sorts of customization options that let players tweak anything from their gear to their race and gender.

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