Resident Evil Village Winters’ Finale DLC Trailer & Dev Interview Preview New 3-Part Expansion

Resident Evil Village‘s Winters’ Finale DLC is just about a week from its October 28 release, but it still took up a decent portion of Capcom’s Resident Evil Showcase. The event held a new trailer for the three-part expansion, as well as an interview with its director, Kento Kinoshita.

The trailer focuses the most on Shadows of Rose, which is probably the most noteworthy addition since it is a story-based add-on that follows Rose, Ethan’s daughter. Kinoshita talked about how Rose wants to get rid of her powers and how the scarier version of the village from the base game is meant to evoke a new sense of fear.

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Kinoshita spoke more about the third-person mode, too, saying it was good for people who get motion sick in first-person or find that intimate perspective too scary. He also said that third-person mode creates a bit of distance between the character and player so the player doesn’t have to feel like they are dying, a separation that, in his words, lets them “confront the fear that [the game] creates.”

Capcom has also been hesitant to show Ethan’s face in the past, but this new angle still won’t give players the most in-depth look at his mug. After some deliberations, Capcom made it so Ethan will always turn his face away from the camera, maintaining some level of mystery.

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Mercenaries didn’t take up a big slot in the presentation, but Kinoshita still gave some more details about it. He noted that Capcom chose characters that would interest people who didn’t play the mode in the base game, which is why they’re all quite strong or have supernatural powers. Mercenaries was also rebalanced so that enemies are always seeking the player in order to ensure its pacing doesn’t let up.

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