Midnight Suns’ Magik Gameplay Deep Dive Shows Portal-Heavy Hero in Action

Firaxis Games has released yet another character deep dive, which focuses on Magik this time around. This hero, fittingly, uses her teleportation skills in a few different ways that can help allies and hurt opponents.

These portals mean she has a lot of knockback cards that can send enemies flying and put them in compromising scenarios. Gather, one of her cards, specializes in combos as it damages foes and groups them up, readying them for an area-of-effect follow-up attack. Limbo’s Grasp is yet another combo card since it further damages those who fly through a portal for the rest of the battle.

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Banish is yet one more portal-based move, but has a twist. This card can turns an enemy into a “drop,” which is a special type of portal that’s on the ground, for one turn. Knocking an adversary into this drop has a chance to instantly kill them and that percentage rises the lower their health is. Upgrading this card means that heroes can be turned into drops, too, which means the card can be used offensively to target the opposition and defensively to temporarily save an ally. Heroes and “supervillains” (which are likely boss characters) cannot be pushed into drops, though. She can also seemingly warp in other heroes that aren’t in the party, but that ability wasn’t fully explained.

Darkchylde, her ultimate move, makes her invulnerable and taunts every enemy in play. This means they’ll all target her and since she is invincible, she won’t take damage. Upgrading this card makes her counter everyone who attacks her during that turn.

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There will be another deep dive “very soon,” but it wasn’t clear who it would focus on. Blade has yet to get his own trailer and October would make for a very fitting time to reveal more about the hero, given how he is a vampire.

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