Horizon Zero Dawn Remake & Multiplayer Spin-Off in Development

Sony only just remade the first The Last of Us game and now it seems as though it is also remaking the first Horizon. According to a couple of reports, the company is publishing a remake or remaster of the 2017 open-world role-playing game as well as a new multiplayer title.

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MP1st first broke the report, which Video Games Chronicle and insider Tom Henderson corroborated with their own sources. This alleged remake or remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn is said to have more advanced character models, lighting, animations, and accessibility features as well as additional graphics modes and gameplay improvements. All of this is supposed to bring the first game more in line with its 2022 sequel, something that it would seemingly have in common with The Last of Us Part I, which had many similar adjustments from The Last of Us Part II.

Platforms were not listed in either report, but it’s likely that it will release on PlayStation 5 and PC, given how the first game and The Last of Us Part I both hit those systems. Horizon Zero Dawn did receive an update in August 2021 that gave PS5 owners a better version of the game with faster load times that ran at 60 frames per second at a checkerboarded 4K resolution, as explained by Digital Foundry. The PC port had some extra settings, but was working with that same version, meaning there was only so much the stronger hardware could do.

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The reports also stated that Sony is developing a multiplayer Horizon game. VGC initially reported on this in 2021, going off Guerrilla’s multiplayer job listings and its own sources. Co-op was initially planned for the first game but was scrapped in order to put in more features, as noted by a Noclip interview from 2018 and leaked concept art from 2014. Given the setup of hunters and monsters that drop multiple different kinds of parts, it’s possible that it would be like Monster Hunter, but its general loop and modes were not detailed.

Sony has not commented on these two titles, but it has committed to making more live services games. In addition to the confirmed The Last of Us multiplayer spin-off and Haven Studios’ mysterious game, Sony is allegedly working on a new Twisted Metal. More are on the way, too, since the company stated it was making 10 live service games before 2026, which this Horizon title, if real, would probably be a part of.

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