Avenue 5 Season 2 Premiere Release Date & Time on HBO Max

The Avenue 5 Season 2 premiere is upon us.

In a matter of hours, Hugh Laurie will reprise his role as Captain Clark in HBO’s appreciated sci-fi comedy series. The sophomore season will take up after the first season finale, where he accidentally extended the shuttle’s journey from an eight-week course to an eight-year journey.

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When to Watch the Avenue 5 Season 2 Premiere

The Avenue 5 Season 2 premiere will air at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT on HBO and HBO Max on Monday, October 10. Avenue 5 Season 2 consists of eight episodes, which will air weekly until November 28. The first installment in Season 2 is titled “No One Wants an Argument about Reality.”

Avenue 5 is set 40 years in the future when traveling the solar system is no longer the stuff of sci-fi fantasy but a booming, multibillion-dollar business. It stars Hugh Laurie, Josh Gad, Zach Woods, Rebecca Front, Suzy Nakamura, Lenora Crichlow, as well as Nikki Amuka-Bird, and Ethan Phillips. Guest Stars include Andy Buckley, Jessica St. Clair, Kyle Bornheimer, Adam Pålsson, Daisy May Cooper, Lucy Punch, Leila Farzad, as well as Jonathan Aris, and Arsher Ali.

“Picking up five months after failing to reroute the vessel, Season 2 follows the crew – including fiery engineer Billie, unpredictable head of customer relations Matt, and faithful right-hand Iris – as they struggle to lead, calm, control, and, if need be, hide from increasingly unruly passengers. On earth, they’re lauded as heroes, and in space, everyone can hear them scream,” reads the synopsis.

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Veep’s Armando Iannucci created, wrote, and executive produced Avenue 5. Simon Blackwell serves as executive producer together with Kevin Loader and Will Smith.

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