The Top 10 Best Horror TV Shows Of 2022

TV Chucky 568x320 - The Top 10 Best Horror TV Shows Of 2022

I spend a lot of time staring at my TV. I’ve decided to use this gift to procrastinate while I reflect on the TV shows that gave me sparks of joy this year. Why? Because I’m always multitasking even when it seems like I’m not doing anything to the untrained eye. More importantly, we were flooded with so many amazing shows this year that it was hard to keep up with them all. So, while everyone else is singing the praises of the horror films that kicked ass at the box office in 2022, I’m here to introduce you to some content you can stream at home in your PJs. These also last more than a couple of hours, and we deserve that commitment from our distractions. So, remember that not all heroes wear capes. However, I would love one to match my pre-Affleck Batman PJs for my service. 

I submit to the Midnight Society 10 Horrific TV Shows That Made 2022 Entertaining.

The Baby

Where You Can Watch: HBOMax

TV The Baby - The Top 10 Best Horror TV Shows Of 2022

A single woman who hates children suddenly has a mysterious baby fall into her lap. Firstly, loved how relatable our lead Natasha (Michelle de Swarte) was. Many of us don’t do children but are surrounded by people who are shooting them out like t-shirt canons at this age. This horror dramedy was a whole mood and the show we needed while the Supreme Court decided to remind us that they view people with ovaries as less than human. The episode titled “The Baby” is a stand-out episode and abruptly reminded us that this TV show deserves to hang out under the horror umbrella. 


Where You Can Watch: AppleTV+

TV Severence - The Top 10 Best Horror TV Shows Of 2022

People have chosen to have their brains manipulated to compartmentalize work from their personal lives. Things are creepy but smooth until a colleague appears outside of work and begins to reveal the truth. I didn’t know what to expect from this show, but it quickly became one of my favorite reasons to keep giving AppleTV+ money. I’m here for the intrigue, the confusion, and the offbeat world that is this series. I also just love to see Adam Scott, Patricia Arquette, John Turturro, and Christopher Walken in a stellar cast. More importantly, a stellar cast that seems to be adding more of our favorites in season two.

Los Espookys (Season 2)

Where You Can Watch: HBOMax

TV Los Espookys 960x540 - The Top 10 Best Horror TV Shows Of 2022
Cassandra Ciangherotti, Bernardo Velasco, and Julio Torres star in the HBO show Los Espookys.

A group of friends turn their love for horror into a peculiar business, providing horror experiences for hire. I’m late to the party but will be loud with my love for this show. It’s one of two comedies to make this list because it’s too good to not talk about. It’s the funny, different, smart, Queer Latinx show I was starting to think I’d never see in the states. I’m sad it was recently canceled because I don’t think two seasons, with a total of twelve episodes, is enough. I’m hoping it can miraculously be saved somehow through TV magic.

Interview With The Vampire

Where You Can Watch: AMC+

TV Interview With A Vampire 960x591 - The Top 10 Best Horror TV Shows Of 2022

A vampire tells a journalist his life story in this adaptation of the Anne Rice novel. This show has no right to be as good as it is. First, I love that this show understands that Black people do live in Louisiana. That’s sadly something a lot of media forgets. Secondly, I was happy to see Louis and Lestat get together instead of dancing around it. Until it turned toxic anyway. That’s when I needed Louis to listen to his good sis, Claudia, and get out. Lastly, I’m a Claudia stan account and will only be speaking to this version of the character moving forward. There’s a lot of blood, double-crossing, and drama that make it worth a binge.

What We Do In The Shadows (Season 4)

Where You Can Watch: Hulu

TV Shadows - The Top 10 Best Horror TV Shows Of 2022

A camera crew follows a group of vampires who live on Staten Island. This show continues to ask, “What if vampires were incompetent though?” and makes us laugh until it hurts. This is one of the best ensembles currently on TV and it’s kind of marvelous to see them make this look so easy. I also love that each season they give Guillermo (Harvey Guillén) even more to do and he serves each time. This show is laugh-out-loud funny and continues to find ways to surprise us. I’m not sure we deserve anything this good, but I’m happy we have it. 

Stranger Things (Season 4)

Where You Can Watch: Netflix

TV Stranger - The Top 10 Best Horror TV Shows Of 2022

It’s still the 1980s, and this band of kids is still beefing with evil forces in Hawkins, Indiana. However, this season snapped. I don’t think anyone expected this outing to be this good. They gave us a sleep-disrupting monster, who is also the big bad in The Upside Down. They gave us a Robert Englund cameo. We got more time with our returning favorites Erica Thee Sinclair and Max Mayfield. We’re finally prepped for the final battle, and on the way out they gave us a new fallen icon to rival season one’s Barb. This season was packed to the brim, which is no small feat with these episode runtimes. 

All Of Us Are Dead

Where You Can Watch: Netflix

TV All Of Us Are Dead 960x640 - The Top 10 Best Horror TV Shows Of 2022
All of us are Dead Cho Yi-hyun as Choi Nam-ra in All of us are Dead Cr. Yang Hae-sung/Netflix © 2021

High school students find themselves trapped in their school when a zombie outbreak hits. This show is pure fun and chaos! I was starting to think I had aged out of TV shows about high schoolers, but when you add zombies, it hits differently. I live for the cliffhanger endings to the episodes. I love that we have a band of kids who don’t like each other having to come together. Also, it manages to serve sides of family and friend drama. It’s very much its own thing and possibly my favorite new show to hit Netflix this year.


Where You Can Watch: Showtime

TV Yellowjackets - The Top 10 Best Horror TV Shows Of 2022

A girls’ soccer team’s plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness. The girls’ soccer team to cannibalism pipeline is legitimately the stuff of horror. This show is playing double dutch with my emotions. We’re in the past with the girls on cannibal island. We’re in the present with the women who survived and have too many secrets to count. This show’s creative team rolled in and yelled, “Excellence” and has yet to release us from their grip. The performances, the writing, the directing, all 10s. Nothing but 10s. If you don’t believe me, then check out Dread’s own Girl, That’s Scary episode covering season one. 


Where You Can Watch: Epix

TV From 960x540 - The Top 10 Best Horror TV Shows Of 2022

A mysterious town traps people who stumble across it. Once trapped, people must fight a sinister force living in the forest surrounding the town. When I saw Harold Perrineau, Catalina Sandino Moreno, and Eion Bailey were going to be here, I knew it would be a good time. However, I didn’t expect it to be the creepiest, and most addictive, show of the year. It feels familiar, claustrophobic, and like the kind of TV I have so dearly missed these last few years. The show hooked me from episode one. I don’t know why more people aren’t talking about it, but I’m hoping that changes when the second season drops. 

Chucky (Season 2)

Where You Can Watch: SYFY

TV chucky 22 clip 960x512 - The Top 10 Best Horror TV Shows Of 2022

Chucky is still beefing with the kids he met last season and the people from his past. He’s also beefing with a new Devon Sawa character as he runs amuck in a Catholic boarding school. We thought it would be impossible to top last season, but Don Mancini and crew told us to sit the fuck down. Charles Lee Ray and the squad turned up the camp and the kills this season, and we love to see it. The beauty of Chucky is that the more off the rails it goes, the bigger the payoff. This season answered some of our burning questions, gave us more variations of actors playing combinations of characters, and made time for a dinner party at Jennifer Tilly’s house. If you’re not watching Chucky, what’s the point of even owning a TV?

Honorable Mention:

The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula: Titans

Where You Can Watch: Shudder

Dragula - The Top 10 Best Horror TV Shows Of 2022

The Boulet Brothers continue to cast ridiculously talented contestants. So, I love that they are bringing back past contestants so we can see how they’ve grown since their original season. I love that this show helps remind the general public that there are various types of drag, drag is an art form, and it encourages everyone to embrace their monster. The only reason this show isn’t in the top 10 is that it’s a reality show. Also, I’m saving this season to binge over the break, so I haven’t seen it yet. That’s my business though.

Let The Right One In

Where You Can Watch: Showtime

TV Let The Right One In - The Top 10 Best Horror TV Shows Of 2022
(L-R): Ian Foreman as Isaiah Cole and Madison Taylor Baez as Eleanor Kane in LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, “Outings”. Photo Credit: Courtesy of SHOWTIME.

A bullied kid befriends the unusual girl who lives a sheltered life next door. There is something about this show that I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s somehow slower than both film versions. Some of the dialogue is clunky. However, every time I think about quitting they drop something that forces me to lean forward. I also am in love with the main cast and the fact that this paints a more realistic picture of what our world looks like. Yeah, it’s kind of a soap opera, and I’m a few episodes away from seeing if it sticks the landing. However, it has more potential than many other shows I considered for this list. 

Let me know if you’re as obsessed with these shows as I am at @misssharai.


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