Shudder’s Dream Project Is The Next Friday the 13th

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Shudder’s General Manager, Craig Engler, held a Reddit AMA today and dropped quite a few gems. While I was living for his favorite horror movies and a quick peek behind the Shudder curtain, it was one answer specifically that made me lean forward. When asked about the next big franchise Shudder would like to acquire, Engler mentioned they would like to be a part of the next Friday the 13th.

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Craig Friday the 13th - Shudder's Dream Project Is The Next Friday the 13th
Reddit’s AMA with Craig Engler

The rumors have been flying around the Friday the 13th franchise again recently. IT producer Roy Lee hinted at his involvement with a new installment in the property. The creator of the Friday franchise, Sean S. Cunningham, teased us with his message about a new movie that would be released in 2023. To make things more exciting, New Line Cinema’s Instagram account shared a cryptic DM from Jason Voorhees in September. 

Friday the 13th is one of those beloved franchises that has had die-hard fans waiting for the next movie for quite some time. The 2009 remake was the last time any iteration of Jason Voorhees was seen on a big screen. Lots of people want a new film, including LeBron James, so it’s no surprise that Shudder has their eye on that Camp Crystal Lake Pie. 

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Because Shudder is no stranger to pushing movies out, they would be an ideal producer. During the AMA Engler mentioned that Shudder put out a new Shudder Original film almost every week this year. So, they clearly have a system that gets results. It also explains why it feels like we are constantly swimming in a never-ending pool of horror goodies on the app.

Whatever is happening with the Friday franchise and whoever is working on the film(s), two things are clear. The people want it, and Shudder wants to help give it to them.

Are you also hoping Shudder enters the Jason Voorhees chat? Then drop me a line at @misssharai so we can nerd out together.

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