Samantha Weinstein Star of ‘Carrie’ Remake Dead at The Age of 28

Samantha Weinstein, star of Carrie has passed away at the age of 28-years-old. The young actress was battling Ovarian cancer for some time.

He family took to Instagram to write, “After two and a half years of cancer treatment, and a lifetime of jet setting around the world, voicing a plethora of cartoon animals, making music, and knowing more about life than most people ever will, she is off on her next adventure.”

Weinstein also starred in the following film and tv series according to Deadline. The Winning Season (2004), Wild Card (2005), The Border (2008), Less Than Kind (2010, Alias Grace (2018) and Burden of Truth (2020).

The actress who long battled her rare form of Ovarian cancer recently shared her experiences in her online essay. The essay pulls at heartstrings to see that someone as young and talented as Weinstein had to fight for her life very hard. In order to read her essay read more here.

Weinstein will be missed and was a tremendous talent.

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