Totême’s Scarf Jacket Is Back in Stock and in 2 New Colours

Last year, I spent more time than I’m willing to admit thinking about Totême’s draped fringed wool jacket. You know the one—the versatile cover-up with the slightly oversize silhouette, contrast whip-stitched edging and chic, built-in scarf. The one snapped up by so many stylish types, including Monikh Dale, Anouk Yve, and Jessica Skye.

For months, I deliberated about purchasing it for myself. Initially, I wanted to analyse how much wear I would get out of it—I don’t buy anything unless I can picture myself wearing it constantly. Once I had confirmed that it would work well with my existing wardrobe, and just as I was about to add it to my basket, Totême unveiled a new colour to consider. It hadn’t occurred to me that I needed anything other than the black iteration. That was until I saw the delicious biscuity-beige hue the brand had introduced. More thinking was required.

However, I paused a moment too long, for when I finally made up my mind and went to proceed with my purchase, both had sold out. It was a blow, and I spent the next year getting over the fact there was a Totême-shaped hole in my wardrobe. You’ll be pleased to know my moment finally came when, for autumn 2022, the brand obviously realised how in-demand the coats were and re-released them both, along with a few additional new versions as well. I snatched one up immediately (I went for the original dark one if you were wondering), but I know not everyone was so lucky.

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