The Best Trends From Paris Fashion Week Are Shoppable Now

The last stretch of Fashion Month is officially upon us. It all began in New York, where the fashion set took to the sidewalks in bright bold shades, almost in celebration of the new season. London was a little different this year, but we were still graced with the typical eclecticism and slick tailoring that has become synonymous with the city. Next, Milan offered up the glamour and drama, alongside some exciting accessories trends. And now, we’re in Paris to round off the Fashion Month circuit. 

As the final, and longest stint in our tour of fashion cities, Paris remains the most anticipated of all. With the backdrop of renowned brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior and Chanel presenting their spring/summer 2023 collections, the fashion set bring their best looks to France’s capital. So far, leather is taking centre stage, whether in skirt, blazer or trouser form. Staple trench coats have returned for damp days in Paris, albeit it with a twist, and there’s plenty tonal tailoring for the minimalists. In terms of footwear, there’s a tie for first place between sleek neutral coloured knee high boots, and bold coloured heels—both of which we intend on embracing.

Below we’ve chronicled the street style trends from Paris Fashion Week we’re most excited about, so scroll on to see the rest and shop them for the new season. 

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