Gigi Hadid Wore Chunky Loafers in Paris

Even though last fall feels like forever ago, I haven’t forgotten that chunky loafers were the trend of the season. Every brand from high to low was making them, and they were selling out left and right. When a trend is that big, there’s always the possibility of it tapering off after its peak, but that’s not been the case with the aforementioned lug-sole loafers, which Gigi Hadid just confirmed for us in Paris.

As far as celebrity trendsetters go, Hadid is at the top of the influential list, so when I saw that she was wearing chunky loafers on two occasions, I was convinced they’re still a go. In both instances, she wore a pair of leopard-print loafers by Reformation, pairing them with a marigold jumpsuit and baggy jeans and a leather blazer. Aside from being comfortable and walkable, the flats continue to give a forward look to whatever outfit they’re paired with. They’re one of the most versatile shoe trends on the market.

Scroll on to shop Hadid’s still-in-stock(!) loafers.

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