9 Buys Our Hardest-to-Impress Editor Really Loves This Week

That’s not to say that everything I buy is an investment—at least, not in terms of cost. I love the high street, and in Britain, we have access to some of the best affordable brands in the world. Although I shop from it, I do so mindfully. And I apply that same mentality to any high-end purchases I’m considering. In the past, I’ve been swayed into purchasing on name alone, but in my tenure at Who What Wear, I’ve developed a thicker skin for designer pieces, which allows me to look past the gilded embossing and instead see the piece for what it is and determine whether it’s actually worth it.

As you can see, I’m very particular about the clothes I wear, the story they tell, and the impact they have on my life. So why not share my shopping picks with you? These are pieces even a perfectionist can’t find fault with. I hope you find something you like and can see yourself wearing for a long time.

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