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Spider-Man Homecoming Teaser: First Look at Web Wings!

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The first Spider-Man: Homecoming teaser trailer has finally debuted, and it’s definitely not what we were expecting…
The first trailer is teasing out one huge new change to Spider-Man in this latest reboot, and it’s getting mixed reviews from fans…

The teaser shows us the POV of Peter Parker, played by Tom Holland this time around, while he’s trying on his Spidey suit. is reveals that Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, has given Spider-Man’s suit a “minor upgrade.” This upgrade includes a feature not yet seen on any Spider-Man uniform on film so far: web wings.
Trippy, right?! But before all you spidey-uniform “purists” bust out your pitchforks in the comments section, it’s important to note that the web wings actually date back to Spidey’s original appearance in the 1962 Marvel comics–so technically, Tom’s version of the character is going full OG.

In addition to the suit upgrade, from the teaser it looks like the reboot is going to have a vlogging element to it, which fans are having some mixed feelings about. On one hand, it definitely helps the movie feel more modern than previous iterations, but on the other–it’s just kinda weird, right?! Isn’t Spider-Man supposed to be super secretive about his identity? Peter Parker being a nerdy blogger doesn’t exactly help him stay low-key about his newfound super powers, but maybe that’s all part of the updated plot? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Spider-Man doesn’t hit theatres until July of next year, but we’re betting that we’ll get more details on the movie before then–and you know we’ll be bringing them to you as soon as they roll in!

Alright guys but now I wanna know what YOU think of the teaser–does it have you wanting to see more, or are you missing Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man already? Sound off in the comments and after that click here to check out our “face the cookie challenge” on a new episode of That Got Weird. Thanks so much for hanging out with me on News Feed, and be sure to subscribe! I’m your host Paulina Cerrilla and I’ll see you guys next time!

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5 thoughts on “Spider-Man Homecoming Teaser: First Look at Web Wings!

  1. tbh I like the “vlogging” it’s extremely Peter Parker-ish and fans say that
    when they saw the FULL trailer it wasn’t all like that, but either way I’m

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